Are Cannon Gun Safes Good? (Answered)

Cannon gun safes are one of the most popular models on the market. They have been manufacturing gun safes for over 55 years.

They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common: they are intended to be incredibly secure.

But just how good are they? What can you expect from this product? Are Cannon gun safes good? Cannon, but is it still the most reliable brand in the market?

This article will look at why it’s a good idea to invest in a new cannon safe and compare Cannon to her well-known brands.

Who Makes Cannon Gun Safes?

Cannon Safes was founded long before the Great Depression. Back then, they were producing rural homes that relied on wood as a common resource among their customers.

After years of manufacturing and selling home safes, Cannon has evolved with time to become one of the top gun safe brands in North America today.

Today, you can find other branches from this company all over the USA because it is one of the most popular choices for gun owners.

Although Cannon is not only a family-run company, cannon safes differ from other competitors’ products because they are manufactured in single units, giving them an “intriguing charm,” according to critic Steven Soderbergh.

Are Cannon Safes Waterproof?

Cannon safes are not waterproof, especially if they contain a locking mechanism.

This is because the hinges of these cabinets are sewn into the inside fabric, so continuous moisture usually floods in and causes rust and corrosion at the most vulnerable parts, such as gun chamber locks.

Since Cannon safes contain a large door, they are very easy to access and move around.

Moreover, the lock of this safe is sturdy enough that it won’t break under pressure or make any errors upon opening, according to the owners’ experience (considering that you place a gun inside when locking).

It only requires the correct type of ammunition to open it completely.

Also, a professional or an expert will never suggest buying Cannon safes for a naval property as they are generally sturdy enough under pressure and temperature changes, especially after proper care/maintenance.

However, this might not apply if you’re going to use it as a fireproof safe. Still, you can never be too relaxed to purchase Cannon safes and do the research on their top features before making your final decision on this product.

Are Cannon Safes Easy To Break Into?

For any type of gun safe, it is best to purchase one that has 4 or 5 bolts.Â. These provide extra security and are generally fixed from the outside so no thief can access them without physical tools or tricks like a torch illuminator (LED).

Cannon safes are mostly purchased by people who want one for their home or office safes.

It is a straightforward purchase, and most often, it comes with little to no problems when you’re trying to open them at night using common tools like screwdrivers or hammers.

If any parts will rattle even under pressure, the product is most likely set up in a poorly designed manner.

On the one hand, since Cannon safes are made to be secured from inside using standard 4 or 5 bolt configuration, there’s really no danger of them being easily broken into because thieves wouldn’t know how to gather such information.

Although, there is a slight possibility that the product can be broken into via unwanted entry points as long as you follow this guide and choose good safe gun lock options to secure your Cannon Safe against every defense imaginable.

Are Cannon Gun Safes Fireproof?

No mention of firearm safes would be complete without question: Are Cannon Safe Fireproof? The answer is, ‘no,’ most of the time.”

However, some models are claimed to have fire safety protection. You can directly contact them to find which model of their product comes with fireproof features.

How Is Customer Service For Cannon Safes?

If you plan on purchasing any Cannon safe product, make sure that it’s made in the United States.

A lot of manufacturers have been moving factories overseas these days and outsourcing massive quantities of parts to cheaper locations around China, Taiwan, and Korea because prices are way lower.

Doing so gave those places the complex task of housing and producing costly hardware, which makes them look good in pictures, but don’t question their standard of quality.

Anytime there’s a huge shortage for something (not an unusual event), you’ll see that it is more than likely created/produced overseas.

This simple fact is not an issue for the consumer, and it really doesn’t have any bearing on the cost of products.

What matters most to us, however, is reliability and customer service. We found quite good customer service.

Though some customers claim to have had a bad experience, that does not represent the whole picture.

Personally, I also found their customer service quite good. But that does not mean to be the same for you too.

Are Cannon Gun Safes Good Quality Brand?

To answer this question, we should first look at the company’s background. Cannon Safes is a top-ranking brand today because William Cannon released his gun safe in 1965.

He was one of the earliest firearms dealers who worked out of Toronto; he became known for creating dozens of safes even though he is credited with creating the industry featuring a lock that has three keys.

The Family Cannon moved from Toronto to California around, and William died after that. Robert Ellicott took over for his family instead of starting over again based on the recommendation of another gun dealer, and he became the most successful of Cannon’s previous dealers.

Later on, William Jr inherited his father’s 9 acres in North Hollywood, California, and established a gun store called Liberty Works (This business moved to Ventura County); soon after, it hired 20 employees who supplied firearms to customers across the country.

Robert Cannon died leaving his sons William Jr, Merle, and Archie with a company that is worth over millions of dollars.

You know the story after that. At this time, Cannon is quite good at manufacturing gun safe and related items.

What’s The Warranty On Cannon Safes?

Warranty On Cannon Safes

Cannon provides an astonishing lifetime warranty on safes on all their products.

That means if your safe develops a problem item within the warranty period, and you report it or send in some photos of what’s wrong with the safe, Cannon will repair or replace it for free!

Which Is Better: Liberty Or Cannon Safe?

If you were looking at either of the above two designs, carefully consider your needs. This decision will concern very important matters to yourself and your family’s assets.

It is a vital question as both have pros and cons, but one can choose to take Liberty over cannon safe in a long-term period. 

The most obvious reason is that Liberty safe can keep more assets, double stowed, and features better bells and whistles in terms of risks against burglary and fire protection.

Liberty offers a bigger interior space with its six different locking systems – metal door, fewer locking bolts, multi-point locks, and the combination lock option.

However, there is only a plexiglass cylinder resistive glass model for stable fire protection, which offers not more than 12 minutes, but a cannon safe offers up to 22 minutes at a time frame.

It equals less than $ 100 currently.  Cannon safe is better than Liberty in design and function; however, most huge customers of Liberty are quite satisfied with it.

Its products do have quite challenging price tags just like Cannon’s, but we who prefer the bigger interior space, warranties, and a higher product value feel that this small man can’t be compared to the vast Cannon stock and support.

For me, security and insurance for my home lie on multiple tiers of protection in different spaces, which makes Liberty safe a better option over Cannon per se but to compare them on the overall economy, firepower, and security is a bit tricky.

Look into your circumstances carefully before taking an important decision regarding the safety of your family’s assets.

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