10 Best Car Gun Safe Reviews -(With All Budget)

Astronauts have successfully made it to Mars and back. And ransacking on the roads of Earth is yet unpredictable.

Why is that?

Well, because people are unforeseeable when driving down an unknown path. Herein, a good car gun safe in the vehicle can strengthen the security features just like that.

However, you need to learn a great deal before opting for the best car gun safe without thoughtful consideration.

This is why I will help you reach a sound decision after going over the basics. It is an essential guide to heed if it is the first time looking into a vehicle firearm safe.

Buckle up for the quick summary on the go. 

10 Best Car Gun Safe Reviews

A Little About Car Gun Safe

Most car gun safes are compact with a combination lock or a biometric lock. Of course, there are other means of locking mechanisms as well.

Some car gun safes have a tethered function, usually designed to work with a security cable. Other car gun safes incorporate pre-drilled holes to install the mounting hardware.

This option is for permanent attachment, generally in the trunk or truck bed. A number of small vehicle gun safe units are found underneath the driver/passenger seat for quick access.

Unquestionably, the tethered cable and the locking system prevent unauthorized admittance.

The steel walls and the door definitely provides tamper-proof gun storage. As a result, there is a minimal opportunity for firearm theft, keeping yourself and the family protected on the road.

Besides, many truckers or armored vehicles benefit greatly by obtaining a good quality gun safe for the long journey ahead.

Best Car Gun Safe Reviews

A vehicle gun safe entails multiple dependability aspects – aside from quick access and portability. See what each gun-safe packs in regardless of the transportation mode.

RPNB Gun Safe (Editors Choice)

When was the last time you actually looked at a car gun safe and thought it had high-quality materials? And we already have some vague ideas about the strict laws in California.

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The RPNB vehicle safe is not just about small storage but also indicates the peace of mind we seek when others tag along with us.

It has an alloy steel construction that is meant for tough and rugged functions other than the cool appeal. And to make matters more at ease, the three-way locking system offers biometric, four-digit keypad, and manual keys for an emergency override.

What I want you to understand is that it delivers the quick access you seek while on a strange road. Plus, the unit is certified by the California Department of Justice.

This is a portable car gun safe to move easily to other convenient places, like your home. Consequently, it is big enough to equip more than a single handgun.

Stash in the cash or other expensive items without worrying about prying the unit open. I would like to thank the heavy-duty door with double-layered steel housing welding for the purpose.

The interior is quite spacious and incorporates scratch protective foam.

Why You Should Get It?

This RPNB is probably one of the finest car gun safes by the manufacturer that offers not two but three locking mechanisms. A California DOJ-certified unit with sturdy craftsmanship deserves the shout-out for all the gun owners in the country.

Just keep in mind to utilize the mounting screws included if you wish to prevent a grab-and-run kind of situation by a thief.

What do We like?

  • Includes three points of entry
  • California DOJ certified
  • High capacity interior to keep other valuables
  • Comes with mounting screws
  • Super sturdy steel construction with a black finish

Keep In Mind

  • Requires battery backup

Hornady RAPiD Gun Safe (Best Design)

Sometimes being a hunting enthusiast means concealed carry in your vehicle as well. In that regard, are you looking for a compact gun safe to mount next to your car seat?

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The Hornady RAPiD vehicle safe, being vertically designed, can accommodate a firearm of four inches or less. Yes, I am sorry for the gun owners who thought it awesome for their big handguns.

If you consider the smart locking system to keep the weapon tucked inside, anyone would want a piece of it.

It is lightweight and comes with a 1,500 lbs. rated steel security cable. Simply attach it to the seat frame and be done worrying about having it stolen.

Besides, the overall vertical position allows conforming to the vehicle shape without any alteration. This helps you gain instant, easy access when needed.

How about I indulge you in the locking features? I have kept the best for the last. The Hornady RAPiD unit uses RFID technology, which is mindblowing for fast unlocking functions and holding the gun for protection.

These smart tags come in the form of wristbands, decals, and key fobs. Now even if a stranger gets a hold of the device, let us hope it does not happen – it will be useless.

So make sure to keep these tags out of the reach of others. Of course, a digital safe is not complete without some backup solution. Hence the backup barrel keys will get you out of trouble on account of losing the tags.

And the inflatable mounting system is something we rarely see in such products. It fills the gaps between the console and seat to ensure bolt-free secured installation.

Why You Should Get It?

Apart from the fact that it comprises one of the most advanced security systems, the Hornady RAPid car gun safe can be your one and only partner in self-defense during risky endeavors on highways.

It is unique and takes a while for others to notice anyway. That is what you should aim for – stealth appeal in plain sight.

What Do We Like?

  • Certified by California DOJ
  • Vertical design for quick unlock and grab
  • Utilizes RFID technology for touch-free access
  • Conformed mounting system
  • High-end security cable to prevent stealing

Keep In Mind

  • Not as durable as gun safes should be

Hornady Lockbox for Guns and Valuables

I am not done with the Hornady RAPiD just yet. It is one of my favorite lock-boxes that maintains concealment and excellent security without spending much.

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You can either keep it in the house where no one can find it or set it in your ride before traveling to the unknown. The main point is that it is super simple and precise at locking/unlocking and mounting.

All you have to do is anchor it to the designated area with the patented steel cable that claims to withstand up to 1,500 lbs. of force.

The 16 gauge steel construction in the small safe makes it next to impossible for others to pry open. Rest assured, they will need more than willpower to unlock the box.

Moreover, the barrel key locking mechanism has not made things easier for the thieves anyway. It is nothing but a useless box to them without the key.

On the contrary, it is exactly why it is the best vehicle gun safe for the user’s convenience. Have you peeked into the interior yet? Although it is not as spacious as some prefer, the egg crate foaming design will protect the valuables and the firearm from damage/scratches.

Just make sure to obtain your concealed carry permit before placing it in the vehicle.

Why You Should Get It?

Who does not want to attain a good car gun safe at an affordable rate without eliminating the safety features? It has got everything to prevent unintentional incidents, including theft.

It appears to be standard but delivers maximum durability even when under attack. I say go for it!

What do We like?

  •  Superb quality at the price
  • Solid steel built for sturdiness
  •  Heavy-duty tethering system
  • Egg crate foaming protection on the inside
  • Hassle-free manual locking system that many prefer

Keep In Mind

  • Might get cramped if stored a handgun and other things together

SentrySafe PP1K Portable Gun Safe, Black

Firstly, it is a pistol safe that can hold more than a small gun inside. The spacious interior includes foamed walls to minimize friction when crossing potholes/bumps as you drive.

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This means there is plenty of room for additional cash, important documents, or small items storage, as well. However, I suggest sticking to storing a single handgun to comply with the various state laws.

Next, there is a briefcase-like vibe due to the front carrying handle. If you consider it be a risk of an easy stealing attempt, the strong tether cable will prevent it from going anywhere.

Just make sure to attach it to stationary objects to minimize unauthorized transporting.

The keyed locks often give a sense of reliability in such units. As a result, you will love the automatic opening door function with an integrated gas strut upon unlocking the box.

Of course, the solid steel gun safe offers a praiseworthy tamper-proof design, including the hinges. It is another reason why I wanted to include it in the list.

There is a slight drawback with the SentrySafe PP1K pistol safe, though. Many users had a similar issue regarding the gas strut door feature.

It tends to fail fast and causes bothersome lock-down until the matter is fixed. I hope the manufacturer views this problem since it is one of the superior features you are willing to pay for, right?

Why You Should Get It?

From a reliable security cable to the key lock, this unit has got it all for a gun owner who wishes something bigger for the vehicle.

Do you know what I think? This product deserves to be utilized as a safe for other valuables instead of a standard handgun. It could not get any better than this to hide your treasures.

What do We like?

  • Quick entry with top lid design
  • California DOJ approved
  • High compression foam interior to protect the items
  • Solid steel construction for pry-resistant security
  • The tubular lock system delivers flawless operation

Keep In Mind

  • Issues with the gas strut

SnapSafe Lock Box

Remember those days when everyone had a briefcase? I used to try so hard to open the combination lock of my father’s.

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Of course, it was a futile attempt, and that is why the SnapSafe lock box incorporated such a mechanism here, too.

The three-digit combination lock system can be personalized only by the user. Think of it like the luggage locks as well.

While the product comes in three different sizes, I am opting for the XL version that accommodates more than a handgun. In a way, you can use it to hide your heirloom, sensitive papers, passport, and more aside from the firearm.

If you wish to store a full-sized handgun, the XXL SnapSafe lock-box could be the ultimate answer to avoid constricted storage. So let us head back to the XL size, which has the 16 gauge steel construction that every quality car safe must-have for a concealed carry permit.

On that note, it is approved by California DOJ and complies with the TSA airline firearm guidelines. Traveling from state to state with safety gets easier through this.

Moreover, the added security includes a patented security cable with 1,500 lbs. rate. You can easily tether it to your seat, leaving the theft stress out the window.

Why You Should Get It?

Let us begin with the price, which is surprisingly reasonable if you ask me. People often think expensive is the best while cheap is a lost cause.

This SnapSafe portable lock-box will alter your view once you begin using it. With the sturdy build, traditional but dependable lock, solid tethering, and cozy interior, it could be a great choice.

What do We like?

  • Easily fits inside luggage/under car seats
  • A simple operational locking mechanism
  • The interior has thick foam protection
  • CA DOJ certified; meets TSA airline firearm guidelines
  • Highly durable, pry-resistant, and inexpensive

Keep In Mind

  • Might not fit big pistols or revolver

The Club LB200 Personal Vault Security Lock Box, Original (Durability and Sturdiness)

Sometimes the bigger the vehicle is, the larger the firearm safe we want it to be. It is not because big is good, but the size of the gun that determines it all.

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In that sense, let us say you keep a standard handgun in your RV since journeying on the road often entails unknown and dangerous encounters. However, the gun is too big for a compact safe but small enough to accompany you on the road.

This is where The Club LB200 makes the entrance to assist you with a cumbersome handgun barrel. While it might not accommodate a full-sized firearm, it will let at least two small Glock stacking due to the greater height.

The carpeted interior protects the contents inside from terrible scratches and rattles. Let me inform you that it is a plain box that offers a polyurethane-coated braided tether cable.

An experience related to the cable by a user described how his truck ransacking led to several failed attempts at cutting, separating the cable from the pistol safe. Yes, it is awesome at strength!

Even the solid steel construction of all walls is impressively robust to make the thief give up. Now how do you open it? Why with a simple key that you can add to the car key chain to avoid drawing attention.

Simply unlock the device and slide open the outer frame to reveal the contents. I know it is not the typical door opening locking system, but people will hardly expect this design. Discretion is what we seek for our sakes.

The car owners should know that the height of the box is somewhat too high to hide under the seats without jacking up the seat all the way. Therefore, go for it only if you plan to mount it in pickups, trucks, or in any vehicle trunk.

Why You Should Get It?

Despite a slight disappointment at 1911 not fitting to the box, it can carry nearly two smaller firearms together. It is the kind of unit that will make all types of smash and grab tryouts seem like a game.

Plus, you can store many other valuables if you plan to stay on the road for more than a day. I

What do We like?

  •  Super sturdy quality construction
  • Unbeatable security cable
  • Ideal for large vehicles
  • Easy to transport in hotels, offices, campsites, etc. for security
  • Simple but reliable key lock

Keep In Mind

  • Too tall hide under car seats

Hornady RAPiD Gun Safe (Budget Pick)

My obsession with Hornady RAPiD vehicle safes is not about favoritism but the fact that it brings about what gun owners mostly look for altogether.

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Hence, here comes another of the RAPiD models for single handgun storage.  You can virtually secure it to any location based on your convenience. It is the XL size that is capable of stashing more than a gun.

Consider it as your secret treasure box. However, the digital locking function will require AA batteries, which are not included with the product. The good news is that it can fit most 1911 pistols, a feature many compact safes overlook.

I love the RFID technology that the manufacturer instills in most of their gun-safe products. It is not only an innovative move but also a smart one to prevent many attacks.

You will have the tags in the form of a wristband, stickers, and a key fob. Practically, more than one point of secured unlocking option will put the mind at ease. If by any chance you lose them all, which is a rare occasion, the manual barrel keys will save the day.

Besides, the security cable ensures proper anchoring attachment to any fixed object. Plus, the 14 gauge steel build speaks out the durability in volume.

Why You Should Get It?

Honestly, it is the CA DOJ approval that did it for me. Then there is the ASTM International safety standard that exceeds the expectation regarding any prying method. Of course, the tamper-proof design with hard to crack lock and tethering steps up the security level automatically.

What do We like?

  • Amazing for mobile security
  • Meets ASTM Intl. standards; CA DOJ approved
  •  Includes touch-free RFID tech lock system
  • Heavy-duty design with tamper-proof features
  •  Ideal for 4-inch revolvers; most 1911 pistol size

Keep In Mind

  • Batteries not given

RPNB Portable Security Safe

The RPNB is another reliable manufacturer that many gun owners have thus far depended on. Whether it is the gigantic home safe or a compact car pistol safe, it added dauntless aspects to protect your valuables.

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Will this unit be any different? Luckily, the top-grade unit incorporates 16 gauge steel construction with coated powder, plus a black finish. It is a trait found only in large vaults for rugged appearances and corrosion resistance.

This expert crafting involves a pop-up door that bolts into action when you initiate the programmed passcode. Thanks to the spring-loaded door function, the rapid accessibility might even save lives during emergencies.

Obviously, the digital locking mechanism will require universal AAA batteries. As long as you keep some backup, you are all set for the road. The keypad consists of only four buttons, making it easier to personalize and remember the PIN when needed.

Despite the compact design, it is a unit that offers pre-drilled holes for permanent mounting. Yes, you have to give up on the mobile facilities to add further security to the table.

Still, it also means installing it in a vehicle or somewhere in the house/office provides ultra protection against stealing.

Why You Should Get It?

My question is why should you not own something like this that exudes power from every angle? The interior space is padded with foam, and you can add extra items aside from a handgun.

Even the locking system is top-notch if you ask me. The robust construction is pretty much how it breathes perfection.

What do We like?

  • Offers quick access pop up door
  •  Durable construction to last long
  • The Interior is foam lined for scratch-free storage
  • Comes with a mounting functioning are pry-resistant

Keep In Mind

  • Batteries are not included

Stealth Mechanical Pistol Safe

The Stealth mechanical safe is probably the only heftiest unit mentioned in this article. It is a bit unexpected for a small unit, but I am thrilled to see a pistol-safe manufacturer that has considered all kinds of mischievous stealing potentials.

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It comprises a steel body of 10 gauge, chrome plate lock bolt, and dual dead steel bars to combat thievery. It is also the reason why the product stands out from the competition.

The continuous hinge feature includes added security that is too difficult to pry open. There is no battery-infused electronic lock fuss to worry about. The simplex locking function is super simple to work with while equally complicated for strangers to deal with.

There are only four pushbuttons with a knob, letting people believe in acquiring limited combinations. However, the advantage of using a single button twice to create a code allows about 1,081 unique locking codes.

Even the burglar will be exhausted after a while. The frustration may lead to smashing the thing open, another failing attempt at breaking the housing apart, all thanks to the punch-resistant steel construction.

Why You Should Get It?

Some may think the simplex mechanical locking mechanism is old fashion compared to a biometric gun safe. My unbiased opinion on such a matter describes it as a preferential point of view.

But the main theme of the car gun safe is prioritized security over anything. The quick accessibility is just the bonus.

What do We like?

  • Strong gas strut maneuver for auto door opening
  • Tough build with reliable locking function
  • Pry resistant
  •  Heavily foam-padded interior
  •  Includes a detachable handle

Keep In Mind

  • It does not come with a security cable

SentrySafe QAP1BE Gun Safe

If you are looking for something permanent to install in the truck bed or a trunk, the SentrySafe QAP1BE could be the answer.

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Of course, the easy access features will allow you to install it under your seat or in a closet as well. The location is flexible, though difficult to transport once mounted.

It is also why no one will try to pry it open, move it, or break it!

Why You Should Get It?

Some may think the simplex mechanical locking mechanism is old fashion compared to a biometric gun safe. My unbiased opinion on such a matter describes it as a preferential point of view.

But the main theme of the car gun safe is prioritized security over anything. The quick accessibility is just the bonus.

What do We like?

  • Three points of locking system
  •  Sturdy steel construction to prevent forcing open
  • Instant door unlock in silence
  •  Certified by California DOJ
  •  Suitable for one handgun and some additional valuables items

Keep In Mind

  •  Lid opening design is prone to smart prying

5 Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Car Gun Safe

5 Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Car Gun Safe

Well, what is a security cable or the locking mechanism type? Plus, how do you know the solid steel construction devises a reliable gun safe?

Find out what you should look for before zeroing in on a gun safe.

1. Size

The size or the dimension is what catches the eye of the gun owners before scanning the rest of the factors.

So, have you thought about perfectly concealed carry when choosing the little vault? The only issue with such compactness is the inability to store a full-size small gun inside.

Nevertheless, installation in less vulnerable areas often include a glove box, center console, under the car seats, etc., where constricted space leads to investing in a smaller gun safe.

My humble request is to put your foot down against other users’ influence and consider your preference alone.

2. Build

Practically all parts of the gun safe must deliver durable construction steel material. It has to be thick and difficult to pry open.

The problem with keeping a car safe from firearms is that we often leave the vehicle unlocked, thinking about what could happen in a ten-minute span during a bathroom break?

Sometimes we just forget to lock the doors. In this case, an unexpected situation may occur where a seasoned thief could break open the safe while stealing other valuables.

The person could misuse the weapon in the future – to eventually enter the crime world or even sell it in the black market!

Hence, it is not just the high-grade locking system but also the all-around construction you must inspect in car gun safes.

3. Locking Mechanism

Ah, locking modules are the boss of all security measures when it comes to a vehicle gun safe.

Never go for the gun safes that fail to feature more than a single locking system with easy accessibility during emergencies.

There is also the advantage of keeping an electronic lock or a combination lock gun safe. Here, you will have to insert the passcode or a series of numbers to open the safe. While the electronic/digital locks incorporate easy 3 to 8 digit code with occasional display, they need backup batteries ready.

The combination locking system is slightly tedious, in my opinion. Still, it is your choice that counts, according to the transportation and driving route modes.

What you should also expect are the backup keyed lock functions in these digitized car gun safes. It could be the only way to grab the handgun in a tricky situation, especially if you forget the code.

On the other hand, some like the traditional barrel key lock system above all. Just hide the keys where only you can find them, okay?

4. Security Cable

This is the alternate solution to the mounting hardware if you want to move the gun safe from vehicle to home frequently. It must be a steel cable to match the supremacy of anti-theft features.

You can see how a vehicle gun safe, being a compact unit, is susceptible to robbing if it simply lies under the seats or other hidden areas. So this cable work as a tether between the safe and anchor. Always be sure to get it with the product.

5. Portability

There are greater risks of theft when traveling, especially when you store the gun unsecured. A portable gun safe is both good and bad if you ask me.

Before we get there, traveling with a gun is subjected to the laws of the state you enter. Thus, be knowledgeable and compliant with the restrictions and rules before beginning a journey.

Now you can keep the guns protected in a vehicle safely to abide by the rules immediately. However, beware of the hitchhikers, lifts, or strangers in your ride.

I understand that you wish to help a person in need, but try minimizing such support on the road. Think of your family or your own safety.

Anybody can run off with the safe if it is portable without being tethered to something in the car.

On the contrary, it gives you the upper hand of moving from place to place where it is most convenient for you. My point is that always keep the safe at close hand wherever you are.

Lock the car before leaving, even if it is for a minute.

People Also Ask

1. Where should I put the car gun safe?

Think about where the car gun can remain safely hidden and within your reach. The ideal areas often include the glove box, center console, under the front seats, etc.

Some even mount the gun safe in the trunk too. It is all about the state law requirements and your preference.

2. Is it possible to keep a long gun in the car?

As long as you have the permits according to certain state laws, you can secure the long guns in a gun safe in the trunk or truck bed.

Make sure that your state and the states you frequent to allows this carry. Research online before mounting the long gun car safe in the back.

3. Which locking system best applies to the car gun safes?

It varies on multiple factors. Quick access gun safes suggest a biometric system, whereas portability features lean on a digital or combination lock.

However, Simplex locks are highly regarded if you are merely transporting the firearm.

4. Can you store a small handgun without a vehicle gun safe?

I strongly advise against it since it can be in conflict with many state laws imposed. Always keep the gun in a car gun safe no matter the size.

Besides, a locked gun safe will prevent anyone else take charge of the weapon against your will.

5. Is permanent mounting better than security cables?

It depends on whether you wish the gun safe to be immobile or not. If you prefer the vehicle safe permanently set up, choose a safe with pre-drilled holes. It will not budge even when the intruders/thieves attempt grab-and-run action.

On the other hand, security cables act more like a strong anchorage in case you are more prone to move the safe from time to time.

6. Do all gun safes have steel construction?

Yes, while the walls incorporate thick steel gauge, the doors often have moderate density. The quality of the overall build is difficult to break open anyway.

Do not purchase a car gun safe unless it is fully constructed from steel or similarly heavy-duty material.

7. Are all car gun safes pry-resistant?

The manufacturers will do their best to equip the gun-safe units with sturdy materials. They will ensure to minimize prying open by unauthorized persons as much as possible.

However, criminal minds work relentlessly to eliminate the challenge, especially for someone with prior experience. So always be on constant alert and never leave the vehicle unattended/unlocked.

8. Where in a vehicle is considered secure storage and easy access for a gun owner?

My personal accounts and views have led me to rely on the center console and underneath the driver’s seat. These areas are effective and restrain anyone else from taking over before you do.

9. Can you store a loaded gun in a safe?

All the jurisdictions in the states have different restrictions regarding concealed carry laws. You must research online before keeping the loaded handgun in a vehicle safe.

Nevertheless, driving through the unexpected gun-free zones can lead to serious predicaments upon police search of the car. So, make sure to keep the proper papers with you.

Do not possess the firearm in the car unless you own a secured lockbox.

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Closing Thoughts

Personally, two particular units have caught my eye for their styles, structure, safety measures, and durability.

The RPNB Gun Safe undoubtedly accommodates all aspects needed in the best car gun safes.

While there is very little to compare it with others, the SnapSafe Lock Box is another extraordinaire to regard for your vehicle.

To sum up, even if you do not own a firearm but transport one, would it not be less risky to have a gun safe for the cause?

Always abide by the state laws and stay safe on the road! That is all for today.

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