7 Best Gun Safe Under 500 | [Budget Friendly]

We are always stuck between an affordable gun safe and a profoundly reliable locking system. What happens when both collaborate and provide you with the Best Gun Safe Under 500?

Now that is a window of opportunity to complete the gun ownership value. However, you do not reach the perfect gun-safe product with a simple finger snap.

There are things to consider, mounting hardware, flexibility with the design, accessibility, brands, etc. Plus, you have to know where to say no and when to say yes in case of gun safety.

It is essential for gun owners to poke around before buying a unit that either protects the family or endangers them.

I am going to enlighten you with ample information and details regarding the topic as we dissect the gun safes one by one.

Are you with me on this?

In a rush! check out the hotlist below for the Best Gun Safe Under 500 dollars: (Affiliates links)

  1. Langger Gun Safe for Rifle (Click here to view)
  2. Moutec Large Electronic Rifle Safe (Click here to view)
  3. Barska Quick and Easy Access Biometric Rifles, Firearms Safe for Home (Click here to view)
  4. VAULTEK MX Series Safe High Capacity Smart Handgun Safe (Click here to view)
  5. GunVault SV500 SpeedVault Series Heavy Gauge Steel Handgun Safe (Click here to view)
  6. RPNB Rifle Safe, Electronic Gun Security Cabinet (Click here to view)
  7. BARSKA AX13494 Biometric Fireproof Safe (Click here to view)
7 Best Gun Safe Under 500

Best Gun Safe Under 500 Reviews

Each mentioned gun safe under 500 is selected after meticulous research that benefits the firearms owners. Ready for the journey?

Langger Gun Safe For Rifle

Here is the best gun safe under 500 that will not let you down regarding the security features and design. The Langger V rifle gun safe may not be a heavy-duty unit worth thousands, but it is amazingly reliable at this rate.

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You cannot put a price on safety no matter what. This is what the 90 lbs. 13.75 x 12 x 57 inches of the rifle gun safe conveys. The capacity allows about five rifles to rest for quick access.

There is also a removable storage shelf in case the long guns require more space on the upper section. In addition to that, the top shelf consists of a lockable box to keep the small items or ammo.

Even if the intruder gets a hold of the rifles, it will be of no use as the lockbox secures the magazines. Plus, the main door has a solid digital lock with an external battery pack. The three deadbolts are just as solid as the whole 14 gauge steel construction.

Only you can unlock the whole thing using the digital keypad. Hence, it will prevent any unwanted guests or strangers have access to your guns. Even the children will think twice before trying out the codes.

The wrong access alarm feature will trigger the moment it detects three failed attempts to open the door. Although the large unit lacks fire rating features, the tamper-resistant inner edges can withstand harsh treatment for maximum duration.

Why Should You Get It?

The Langger V practically lays out all the security measures found in the expensive units. Then there is the carpeted interior with foam racks to look forward to. I highly recommend it!

What do We like?

  • The mid-shelf is removable to store longer guns
  • Includes wrong access alarm
  • Comes with an additional battery pack
  • Integrates mounting holes for stable installation
  •  Capable of storing five rifles (less than 45.3”), handguns, ammo, and more

Keep In Mind

  • Not fire or waterproof

Moutec Large Electronic Rifle Safe

I am a huge Moutec fan that offers some of the best gun safes in the country. This unit is a 57.2 x 15.7 x 11.8 inches sturdy cabinet with 108 lbs. of heftiness.

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Once you utilize the pre-drilled holes to seal the wall permanently, the burglars will have no chance of doing anything stupid. Now shall we get to the build and locking mechanism?

The rugged and tough 14 gauge solid steel construction includes an 11 gauge steel pry-resistant door. It features a finish to withstand corrosion and five bolts for superior protection.

It is also a quick access biometric rifle safe where you can store about seven 50-inch long guns. There is no removable shelf like the previous product, but the lockbox meets high-grade security to stow away other small items.

Of course, you have to open it with a key, though I hoped for a tiny handle there.

The reason we get a gun safe is to avoid firearms theft and mishandling by others. It calls for a five-point locking system – a favorite feature of mine. Not only does it have a biometric lock, but it also offers a digital keypad that allows you to enter a code to unlock as well.

And let us not forget the backup key function. So, do you see the number of preventative measures Moutec follows to keep your firearms secured in the gun safe?

In a way, you might even grab the intruder hopelessly, trying to pry it open before even needing a gun for self-defense. It is next to impossible for the burglars to drill through the steel.

Why Should You Get It?

I would recommend it to anyone looking for a budget gun safe. You can even enlarge the interior capacity with the addition of lights and hangers.

The gun owner can have quick access when required with a single fingerprint!

What do We like?

  • Robust construction with faultless steel material
  • Deeper and wider space on the inside for multiple big firearms
  • Comes with four AA batteries, pre-drilled holes
  • Includes a biometric fingerprint scanner with two more unlocking options
  •  Incorporates solid steel door to resist prying; five-point locking system

Keep In Mind

  • Too heavy to move it before installation

Barska Quick and Easy Access Biometric Rifles, Firearms, and Long Guns Safe for Home

Suppose you are a professional shooter or a hunter who has to work with licensed firearms regularly. Maybe it is a seasonal thing, especially the times you spend deer hunting.

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What happens to the rest of the months? Do you just let the rifle sit in the corner, visible to guests and children? Absolutely not; the Barska quick access biometric rifle cabinet delivers the swiftest security in this regard.

It is 62 lbs. 52.17 x 9.84 x 8.66 inches of the safe allows rapid access within 2.5 seconds. You can even program it to be noiseless for discreet safe unlock. While it ideally accommodates two accessorized rifles, you can fit in up to four without the scopes and such.

Of course, who can forget the small handguns that some own? Yes, hide them in the cabinet with ease too. If you have extra magazines and ammo, add them to the top shelf as well.

It is ultimately a quick access biometric rifle safe that allows few other items to store. But I would not put much hope in extra valuable storage if the interior is filled with firearms.

The unit includes three built-in steel deadbolts to create a triple-point locking system. In short, strangers and the children will stay far away from prying it open.

Besides, the manufacturer claims it to have undergone various tests to ensure protection against burglary. Plus, anyone better thinks twice before trying anything with the 14 gauge steel construction anyway.

Why Should You Get It?

Despite including some attractive features to the Barska quick access biometric safe, there have been some complaints. For instance, few users mentioned the capacity of only a rifle while the shotguns rested without hassle.

I would suggest it to people who seek a gun safe under 500 that does not take much space wherever you mount it and is capable of storing no more than three long guns.

What do We like?

  • DOJ approved
  •  Biometric locking system  Includes mounting hardware
  • Comprises backup keys and batteries
  • The locking mechanism offers a silent access option

Keep In Mind

  • Compact for certain rifle models

VAULTEK MX Series Safe High Capacity Smart Handgun Safe

If you thought powerful box-shaped safes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection are out of your league, you better check this out.

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I will not waste any time by buttering up the already rugged Vaultek MX series safe. The only thing I will say, though, is that its operational effectiveness is so impressive I am planning to replace my old one that unlocks with luck and a decent amount of time.

This fierce little safe is 15 x 11.5 x 11.6 inches and around 32 lbs. and has a customizable interior to fit in more than two handguns. The twin pistol rack included will help organize the firearms along with other valuables. It even contains an ambient interior light!

As you close the 12 gauge steel door, the electronic locking mechanism will keep the door shut until you enter the programmed code on the keypad. It is backlit to allow instant access in low light, plus the LCD screen will provide visual feedback as you set up the passcode.

There are manual keys and a smart key Nano on account of failed memory during emergencies. Once you recharge the battery, it will run for months as standby.

While the door is 12 gauge, the overall steel walls are 14 gauge thick to safeguard anything precious you store inside. It is practically impossible to pry, hit, break, drill, or even saw open without risking apprehension by the police.

Furthermore, it will send an automatic alert on the owner’s smartphone when someone unauthorized bumps it. Thanks to the incredible Wi-Fi connectivity, it will let you monitor live data and tamper details so long you have the app installed.

Why Should You Get It?

From robust build to fantastic information read right from your phone, it is the safe home for small pistols and other items!

What do We like?

  • Customizable capacity for up to eight handguns
  • Easy to store anywhere small
  • Includes mounting hardware
  • Allows monitor and managing of the safe via Wi-Fi
  • Comes with backup keys, a charging kit, and a Nano key

Keep In Mind

  •  Not suitable for big firearms

GunVault SV500 SpeedVault Series Heavy Gauge Steel Handgun Safe

Some people own only a handgun to protect themselves and their loved ones. In that case, they do not wish to install a large safe to keep a single firearm.

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Let me suggest this product as it is the most affordable among the rest of the units here. It also means the holster-like steel construction is capable of only a single handgun.

Nevertheless, the security features are definitely worth the investment. From 18 gauge steel housing to the soft foam padded interior, nothing can go wrong here.

Plus, the interior light in this compact unit is a bonus for the users when you seek stealth movement with better sight. There are two override keys if the passcode eludes the mind, which is pretty common during heavy stress.

As for the locking system, only four buttons allow you to keep the code precise and short, something you can hardly forget. It is reliable and helps you grab the gun before the thieves even get to the main entrance.

The included mounting hardware helps install it firmly to any form of wall. So, hide it under the study, inside the close, near the bed, or any discreet location without the cumbersome weight issue.

Moreover, it features tamper detection after six incorrect unlocking attempts to lockout for two minutes.

Why Should You Get It?

It is not even about the budget – the small holster safe is super convenient to eliminate risks with gun concealment. The only problem is the clacking noise that emanates upon opening it.

This could alert the intruder when you try to keep things quiet

What We Like?

  • Compact design for minimal exposure
  • Includes interior light for better visibility
  •  Ideal for office and home
  • Comes with mounting hardware
  • Quick responsive electronic lock

Keep In Mind

  • Makes noise during unlocking

RPNB Rifle Safe, Electronic Gun Security Cabinet

Do you know what kind of features you have to give up when seeking a long gun cabinet for this price? You will have to forget about width depth, padded interior, advanced locking mechanism, etc.

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Of course, who here had to go through many issues because of the unreliable steel thickness? Thankfully, the RPNB has made sure to add them all to this unit, which is not safe despite the namesake.

Whether the rifles you own have scopes or not, anything less than 49 inches can rest on the wooden racks of the solid cabinet. The 49.21 x 13.62 x 9.06 inches long unit ensures a tough design that speaks of strength due to the 16 gauge carbon steel construction.

The craftsmanship also provides a black rocky finish to add a professional flair to the design. And it definitely withstands corrosion for many years. While the electronic keypad locking system seems simple at a glance, it is far safer when operational.

It will continue to protect the firearms and the ammo collection inside once you create the 3 to 8 digit passcode. The three wrong inputs prompt the locking function to sleep for about twenty seconds.

Not all gun cabinets at this price offer five heavy-duty locking bolts, though. These cylindrical latches will prevent any attempt of prying open the door. The only drawback is the ammo cabinet which is too small.

However, given the fact that some guns may be longer with attached features minimizes the issue to a notch.

Why Should You Get It?

This is a quality cabinet for hunting rifles and other long guns that provides ample security via the reliable locking system. Just remember that the overall unit is not a premium construction, it merely keeps the firearms away from prying intruders.

The miscreants may find a way to unlock it if not kept concealed.

What do We like?

  • Includes protective floor mat and wooden rack
  • Easily fits in a closet Super sturdy build with mounting hardware
  •  Pin lock works as claimed
  • Too heavy for thieves to move

Keep In Mind

  •  Insufficient storage for ammo/magazines

BARSKA AX13494 Biometric Fireproof Safe

If the previous unit seemed too over the top for your taste, here is another Barska quick access biometric fire-resistant safe.

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It is a 13.78 x 15.35 x 19.69 with 58.7 lbs. of solid design. The compact safe has a lot to offer to those who have to safe keep more than a small handgun and priceless trinkets/jewelry.

First of all, the solid steel construction is built to ensure fireproof features lest a fire breaks out. It can withstand up to 1,200 degrees for thirty minutes. Therefore, you can get the jest of how powerfully heavy duty the overall construction is.

Moreover, the door is impossible to pry open thanks to the two-way locking mechanism of equal sturdiness.

Next, how can I say no to the biometric lock function when it prevents intruders from committing crimes? Though the fingerprint can save up to hundred prints, I suggest allowing only one or two adult family members to have quick access.

It is yet another best gun safe under 500 that delivers excellent added security solutions to small gun owners.

Although most users generally prefer foam-padded interior to such safes, the carpeted design is no less operational. It comprises two removable shelves.  Additionally, the door back features several key hooks and a net pocket to organize extra items effortlessly.

It is built with the best steel materials for the walls and equips long locking bar bolts to resist forceful opening.

Lastly, the unit will warn you when the battery runs low in advance. You can prepare the backups without facing a total shutdown mode. Even then, the manual key utilizing function will keep your mind at ease.

Why Should You Get It?

I would not have added this unit if it were not for the superior design and positive remarks. If you are looking for a compact safe that not only keeps a weapon secure but also other valuables, this budget unit is a perfect choice.

What do We like?

  •  Fire and tamper-resistant
  •  Adjustable shelves
  • Ideal for office and home
  •  Consists of pre-drilled holes
  •  Super sturdy, long bolts with programmable biometric lock

Keep In Mind

  • Might not hold many handguns

Benefits and Drawbacks of Having a Gun Safe

Where there are good vibes, negative energy tends to spiral within as well. Forget the cryptic message and read about how gun safes are both beneficial as well as an impediment for a gun owner.

The Good Stuff

Here is why I think everyone with a licensed gun should possess firearms safe without a second thought:

  • Gun safes consist varieties of security measures, including a biometric lock, backup keys, electronic lock, or mechanical lock. It is all about the preference regarding the locking system.
  • A fireproof safe means saving your worldly possessions from a terrible fire that could have consumed every bit of your valuable documents and weapons.
  • With fire comes the ambivalence of flooding in certain regions. You cannot control natural disasters, but the thick steel walls of a safe purchase can protect your items nonetheless.
  • As funny as it is to picture an intruder huffing and puffing to drag the gun-safe away, it is immovable. Yes, these gun safes are next to impossible to steal due to their weight.
  •  Keeping one of these at home means no more trying to hide the weapons, where children can reach without intending to.
  • You can gain quick access to the gun safe without making noise in times of home invasion and create a defensive barrier in your favor.

The Bad Stuff

Did you know some irritating but honest gun-safe drawbacks can pull you back in the no-zone? Here they are:

  • Having a solid steel construction indicates a tough build. But it also means sweating profusely when trying to move it before installation.
  • Some gun owners end up setting it up in the garage because of the heftiness. This could be where the intruders often pry in first.
  • Not all gun safes come with fire rating aspects. And a waterproof safe is quite expensive.
  • This is a trivial point, but these gun safes are terrible at visual appeal.

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Gun Safe Under 500

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Gun Safe Under 500
Best Gun Safe Under 500 – buying guide

Are you stuck in a puzzling situation where more than one units seem suitable for the cause?

Quickly, scan through the buying guide features to collaborate with your needs and pick the right safe.

1. Locks

All the manufacturers generally construct the locking mechanisms into five main categories. Read the description given below to see what seems more convenient to you.

Biometric Lock

This is about the biometric fingerprint sensor that saves one or two prints from recognizing later. It is the highest level of security assurance as the safes will never open unless the individual fingerprint is utilized.

Be sure the pad where you place the finger is always neat. The best gun safe under 500 usually offers very few biometric locking systems for that price. And you will have to rely on the AA batteries, replace them before they die out.

Electronic Lock

While the electronic locks also run on the AA batteries, they are more common with gun safes under 500. It works by entering a combination of code ranging from there to eight digits.

Since you can program the lock yourself, you have the upper hand in modifying the code again to your desire. Some units have buttoned keypads, whereas the newer models provide digital ones.

Combination Lock

Remember the schools days where the lockers had those combination locks? Combination locks on the firearm safes have a similar structure.

Here you have to rotate the dial forward and backward to align the programmed number you have set. This lock type is often found in vertical gun safes.

Simplex Mechanical Lock

If the gun safe under 500 comes with a simplex mechanical lock, it comprises pushbuttons instead of the keypad. Just remember the combination format instead of memorizing a code.

There are five buttons and a turn knob, making it one of the best quick-access, dependable lock types without worrying about the battery status.


Do not go for just the keyed safe since they are unreliable if the intruder gets to the unit first.

Almost all gun safe manufacturers design them as emergency backup keys. Suppose you have forgotten the code or the combination; maybe it is not biometric.

These extra keys will set you free from the panicked situation by the traditional key insertion and unlocking the safe.

2. Bolts

All these lock types wind up working with the bolts, right? So they have to be top-notch no matter what.

Keep in mind these locking bolts are what stand guard between the firearms and the thieves. Having built-in steel deadbolts ensures a pry-resistant door that no one can open with force.

Also, look at the number of bolts the safe has. 

3. Steel Wall Thickness

This is the most vital aspect in obtaining the best gun safe that will never let you down during emergencies. The rule of thumb when buying a gun safe is that the construction must be of solid steel from 12 to 18 gauge.

The thickness often depends on the size and design. Although most gun safes under 500 come with 14 to 16 gauge, some brands offer higher thickness at a lower price.

4. Size/Capacity

What should be the ideal size that can provide ample capacity for the weapons? We have to ask ourselves about the firearms collection we possess.

Are you looking for a safe that stores long guns alongside small firearms and ammunition? Then a vertical gun cabinet with removable shelves will serve your purpose better.

All you will need now is a well-concealed spot in the house that is easily accessible to you.

If you have a single handgun or a couple of small guns, a quality gun safe with moderate size and capacity will do the job. Just do not compromise on the steel and lock grade.

Some decide to opt for a bedside gun safe to feel more secure. The gun safes under 500 mentioned here have various sizes to choose from because there are other valuables to store as well.

5. Weight

The point is to make the intruders give up the thought of even trying to gain access to your safe. Hence, the heavier, the better!

I admit that it will be quite a work to install it upstairs, but the result will help you sleep peacefully at night.

On that note, these heavy-duty safes must have pre-drilled holes for mounting to the walls or floors. While it prevents potential thefts, it will also eliminate tip over in case of vertical setup.

6. Fire Rating

Do not expect premium fire-resistant features or water seals in the gun safes under 500. The level of quality revolves around the price factor, meaning the better you seek, the higher the cost will be.

Still, obtaining a safe that delivers protection from flood or fire might save your treasures from terrible damage.

7. Warranty

You are planning to invest in a safe that will store the firearms. Therefore, would it not be wise to aim for a longer warranty?

The general warranty period is often one year. However, it may vary due to the manufacturer and the cost.

Types of Gun Safes On The Market

Types of Gun Safes On The Market
Types of Gun Safes On The Market

Let us talk about the type of gun safes since they are all distinct from one another. While the variety can be categorized into capacity, size, installation structure, etc., it is the locking system that we ponder on.

Now, I will focus on the gun safes based on where you can install them; hence, it covers the size and the locking features.

1. Biometric Fingerprint Sensor Gun Safe

There is no hassle in pressing the keypads. It is, in short, a quick access biometric safe with a simple touch of your fingerprint. There are versatile designs, sizes, and shapes of such units.

2. In Wall Gun Safe

You practically station it to the wall, preventing gun safe burglary. It offers sizes and several locking options.

3. Car Gun Safe

This is for the drivers who carry a handgun in the glove compartment for on-road protection.

4. Truck Gun Safe

As long as your truck meets the required specifications, you can install it on the console. It is to prevent various crimes against truck owners on the highways.

5. Hidden Gun Safe

These gun safes are concealed in the most common areas, using a simple disguise that does not attract attention. Most also provide a biometric lock, a digital lock, or a simple mechanical lock.

6.  Heavy Duty Gun Safe

It is literally that; too heavy to lift or move by a group of intruders. With various locking systems and built-in steel bolts, it will not even budge.

7.   Under Bed Gun Safe

Do you have more than a single firearm and many other valuables? Hide them under the bed but with easy access. There are many models and locking systems available for this gun-safe type.

8.   Corner Gun Safe

In case of no mounting hardware advantage to the room, a corner gun safe will just sit in the corner without a fuss.

9.   Nightstand Gun Safe

It is another way to gain quick access to small weapons. The gun safe is generally hidden and obtainable without moving out of bed.

10.   Water and Fireproof Gun Safe

Most large or small gun safes offer these aspects so that the firearms are not barbecued or drowned during a disaster.

Top-Rated Brands on the Market

Top-Rated Brands on the Market
Top-Rated Brands on the Market

Bear in mind that the majority of these brands deliver quite expensive but reliable gun-safe products to gun owners.

However, I have included the ones mentioned in this article as well, thanks to their affordability. Each gun safe under 500 offers equally reliable characteristics as the ones that exceed thousands of bucks.

Anyway, here is a list of brands you should look out for that offer ample gun safety at home, workplace (law enforcement), or vehicle:

1.   AMSEC (American Security)

2.   SecureIt Tactical

3.   Liberty Safes

4.   Fort Knox

5.   Langger

6.   Vaultek

7.   Vault Pro

8.   Moutec

9.   Snapsafe

10.    Rhino Metals, Inc.

11.    Barska

12.    RPNB

13.    GunVault

There are plenty of others that have made the fame over the years. Nevertheless, it is the remarks of the experienced that have encouraged me to create this brand list.

You will, no doubt, find the best gun safe among these names and the specific units mentioned in the reviews.

Always pay attention to the certification provided by the major law enforcement sectors before making a step. Also, check out the innovative technological solutions incorporated by the manufacturers to attain optimal security features

Why Should You Use a Gun Safe?

Here is the most important question imposed on beginners who are still unsure whether to invest in a gun safe. It goes like this – I already have a hidden drawer with a lock in a closet, why buy a gun safe under 500 on top of that?

Do you have any clue how many accidents/incidents have taken place because a certain someone decides against keeping a gun safe in the house?

Let us try to be civil and cautious to prevent these unexpected encounters. Below are some plausible reasons why a firearm owner must also consider a gun safe:

  • It protects the guns from potential theft.
  • Most units offer storage to safe-keep other valuable items.
  • It is super difficult to break open.
  • Prevents children or other people in the house from gaining quick access, reducing the risk of unintentional damage. 
  • Helps protect your rights by being a responsible firearm owner.
  • Saves you from lawsuits or blame in case an incident occurs due to gun-safe negligence.
  • Allows you easy access during a break-in before the intruder reaches for the gun cabinet.
  • All the gun safes include a modern locking mechanism that is approachable by the owner only.

To summarize, you will minimize any prospect of inflicting harm to the family members and continue to defend your home from burglaries when needed. 

People Also Ask

1. Are gun safes worth the money?

Think of it as a long-term investment that conceals small to long guns within solid steel walls. As a result, anyone who walks into the room will not be able to grab the weapons and attempt anything silly.

2. Can a gun-safe tip over?

Yes, no matter how heavy the vertical gun safes are, it poses a risk of tipping over without a proper anchor.

This is why opt for a unit that comes with mounting hardware, along with reliable locking bolts.

3. Should I put my gun safe in the garage?

Never install a rifle or a pistol safe in a garage unless it is the only place with better security.

Be wise to bolt it to the floor or add a closet/shelf around it to hide the device from intruders.

I still recommend setting it upstairs/bedroom so that it is difficult to drag away.

4. How heavy should a home safe be?

It has to be heavy enough to ensure the gang of invaders is unable to move it despite their hulk appearance! Do not get anything below 50 lbs.

If it weighs less than that, be sure to obtain mounting hardware and a security cable.

5. Where do burglars look first?

The general habit entails the intruders/burglars looking into the study after scouting the living area. Most studies or offices display valuable items, including a safe.

Some even check out the garage before going upstairs.

6. Does money burn in a fireproof safe?

Yes, the term fireproof does not necessarily mean no burning point per see. It is merely a fire rate that describes the level of resistance against fire for a certain duration.

7. Does cheap mean low grade in a gun safe?

No, it is usually the high-end locking system that increases the value. For instance, having a biometric fingerprint scanner instead of the standard mechanical lock will make it expensive.

Similarly, choosing gun safes under 500 indicates a slight compromise with warranty duration but no elimination in quality at all.

8. Should I bolt the safe to the floor/wall?

Yes, it minimizes accidents like falling over pets or humans during earthquakes. Moreover, intruders attempting to haul it off can take a break from even moving it.

Mainly, it will stabilize the unit after installation.

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Closing Thoughts

I hope you find the best gun safe under 500 right here without tiring yourself with hundreds of other Google searches.

Just make sure to know what you need before choosing a product; the rest will follow up in accordance. Be safe indoors, fellows!

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