10 Best Handgun Safe Reviews – (Buyer’s Guide)

The best handgun safes reviews are about the safes that are precisely developed to conceal and protect your weapons. Well, it’s not all, the best pistols safe will keep your firearms out of reach of the unauthorized unacquainted people as well.

Statistically, the Arms and Weapons Survey reported that almost 48 percent of US households own personal firearms (handguns & pistols) for safety reasons.

Therefore, great handgun safes will provide you with some particular benefits. Like protecting the firearms, keeping away your little child, concealing carrying your weapons.

If you’re someone who keeps guns around for either collection or safety precautions, then Pistol safe is a must for you.

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  1. Best choice: Fort Knox PB1 Handgun Safe – Best for Value and Security (Click here to view)
  2. ONNAIS Gun Safe- Great Quality & Protection (Click here to view)
  3. SentrySafe QAP1BLX Biometric Gun Safe (Click here to view)
  4. Awesafe Gun Safe – Great Fingerprint Identification Feature (Click here to view)
  5. VAULTEK 20 Series Smart Pistol Safe (Click here to view)
  6. RPNB Gun Safe – Best Security and Durability (Click here to view)
  7. First Alert 52000F Pistol Safe- Top-Notch Portable Gun Safe (Click here to view)
  8. RPNB Pistols Safe- best Bang Gun Safe for the Buck (Click here to view)
  9. V-Line 2912-S Top Draw Security Case- Safest 2 Handgun Safe (Click here to view)
Best Handgun Safe

Best Handgun Safe Reviews

As a gun owner, the most responsible thing you can do to avoid any casualties is, to keep around a high-end handgun or pistol safe.

With good quality handguns safe, your firearms and you will stay secure from any situation at any place. For example, you can save yourself from dangerous intruders, thieves, hijackers, and so on. Moreover, as your guns will remain in concealed safes, you can carry them around while it is essential. 

Further, keeping the guns away and hidden from the children is far easier with the perfect handgun safe.

Thus, let’s dive into the top 10 best pistol safe reviews along with the thing we like the most and things you should keep in mind.

Fort Knox PB1 Handgun Safe – Best for Value and Security 

Fort Knox 13.5 Inch Dean Safe Pistol Safe is the quality value handgun safe with promising strength and reliability.

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It is the most secure safe to store your small, medium firearms with an assuring lock, sturdiness, storage, longevity, and many more. Further, this almost perfect security pistol safe is CA DOJ-approved as a reliable Pistol safe. let’s check Why Is This the Top Pick?

Complex & Reliable Lock

The simplex mechanical lock system is more reliable and accessible with proper accuracy than biometric or electronic lock systems. 

Further, the pushbutton look mechanism is called simplex because although it’s simple, it’s got a moderate amount of complexity. So, the simplex lock feature will not get easily opened by your curious teenager child.

High-Quality Sturdiness

This Dean Pistol safe consists of great quality gauge steel housing making the storage container super-duper sturdy. Besides, the 10-gauge steel-reinforced construction and the gas strut assistance on the wraparound door make the safe harder to force open situation.

Therefore, apart from the constructive uni-body, the edges are built with an intersecting mechanism so without unlocking it there’s no way you can push open it.

Enough Space for two Handguns

This amazing handgun safe is bigger and provides more space than other safes. Thereby, you can easily fit three small or two medium Handguns with some Mags inside the safe.

Keeping Guns Out of Anyone’s Reach

Storing your guns in a reinforced alloy steel container is always Safer and wiser. Moreover, Moreover, the lock system along with the anti-theft alarm function will assure Gun’s safety from unauthorized access.

Concealing Firearms in the Gun-Free Zones

In a dangerous situation, you will need a pistol or gun for ensuring your safety. Therefore, this safe’s pistol socks are amazing for concealing your guns’ whereabouts. Also, you can mount or attach this steel housing body into any suitable place for better concealing.

Things We Like

  • Durable Gauge Steel Build- Sturdy steel and enhanced gauge steel housing construction.
  • Mechanical Locking System- Simplex fast lock system and the tight security with anti-theft alarm function notifying the force open action.
  • Tamper Resistant- Premium 3/16” full adjustment tamper-resistant door opener.
  • Water & Fire Proof- The Dean Safe is weatherproof and the 10-gauge alloy steel Uni-body build is moderately fireproof.
  • Great Mobility- Well, you can keep these pistols safe wherever you go. As well as you can mount this steel body into any place you feel safer and freer.

Keep in mind

  • Minor Issues– Doesn’t always offer fast access as it is quite heavy.

ONNAIS Gun Safe- Great Quality & Protection

ONNAIS fingerprint handgun safe is a great value for the money product. It offers you quality biometric technology, immediate access, durable protection, storage, and many other things. 

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You will surely get the most satisfactory experience of safety while using this great portable pistol.

Quality Compact Build

The solid stainless-steel construction and steel powder coat on top offer long-lasting, corrosion-free sturdiness safe.

It also comes with a battery-powered, tamper-resistant lid that has enough durability to withstand prying. 

3 Way Access and Large Capacity

Three individual lock options are highly accurate and effective and also contain an anti-theft alarm function.

The first entry is a high-resolution biometric scanner that can save up to 20 fingerprints and easily give one hand fast accessibility. 

Also, the electronic keypad lock has 5 combinations and the last lock system is a manual override key for emergencies. All the security options are always reliable and instantly accessible. 

Furthermore, this safe has enough space to contain 2 full-size pistols and other small contents. 

Portable High-Tech Safe

This safe has great mobility, you can store it anywhere like in a drawer, nightstand, luggage, car, and so on.

Besides the steel cable with this can keep it mounted properly to avoid it being stolen. 

Who Is This for?

This is a great conceal carry gun safe that has amazing strength and resistance to tackle wear and tear usage. Further, the 3 entry lock functions will always make sure to keep unwanted people locked away from the guns.

This battery-powered ANNOIS pistol safe is great for security. So, you can keep it as it can safely keep your handguns for a long time.

Thing We Like

  • Heavy-Duty Build- Tough and sturdy with great pry resistance.
  • 3 Lock Features- 3 different lock entries for a better experience.
  • Easy to Setup- Lock systems customization is very simple.
  • Spacious Storage- Can easily store 2 or more handguns.
  • Anchoring Hardware- Comes with mounting cables.

keep in mind

  • Thin Foam- Internal Foam line is not thick enough.

SentrySafe QAP1BLX Biometric Gun Safe – (Best for Accurate Fingerprint Scanner) 

SentrySafe is another best gun safe you can ever have with an accurate Biometric lock system. Moreover, this 1 handgun capacity safe is also California DOJ certified pistol safe.

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You get to enjoy the max performance with a fast fingerprint sensor, quick access using an enhanced gas strut, and visibility with night vision interior light.

Compact & Solid Housing

This advanced protection gun safe is developed with solid12 gauge alloy steel which can easily withstand any prying or tampering force.

Also, it provides the bolting or anchoring hardware availability to ensure maximum security and prevention.

Great Biometric Scanner Feature

By giving the improved biometric lock system this handgun safe enables you to access your pistol within a brief moment. 

Therefore, unlike the general fingerprint scanner feature, this gun safe’s biometric scanner can save up to 10 fingerprints with proper accuracy. Not to mention the backup keypad will always save you from trouble.

Amazing Quality Interior with Night visual

Apart from the quick and discreet gas strut opener, another amazing feature is additional interior light. This will increase the visibility regardless of time and improve the fast access of guns.

Moreover, inside the gun storage safe, it has a soft and secured foam interior lining to protect your gun from any damage.

Easy Carry for Longer Period

As the gun safe is light weighted and quite small, you can keep it with you in any situation. Besides, as it has the mounting option you can simply use it as the bedside gun safe within reach.

Fast Access & Setup 

A quick biometric lock and long-lasting gas strut will make sure you get your hands on the gun the moment you need it.

Things We Like 

  • Biometric Lock- Accurate fingerprint scanner gives max protection to the gun inside the safe.
  • Optimum Performance- Built with solid steel housing and reinforced resistance, assuring durable long-lasting performance.
  • Improved Gas Strut- Improving the safe door functionality and providing fast performance.
  • Backup Keypad for Lock- Backup keypad to unlock the handgun safe in case the Biometric Reader cannot scan a fingerprint.
  • Interior Light- Luminous interior light enables rich visibility at any time and place.

Keep in mind

  • Small Storage- It can only equip one handgun/pistol.

4. Awesafe Gun Safe – Great Fingerprint Identification Feature

Awesafe gun safe is without a doubt an awesome gun safe when it comes to multiple Lock features and sturdy protection.

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This biometric lock pistol safe is also convenient and safer as it provides lighting and silent mode for difficult situations.

Durable & Quality Resistance

Awesafe handgun safe consists of a 12-gauge solid alloy steel housing. Therefore, it is quite reliable and long-lasting enough to withstand heat, tampering, and so on. So, you can rest assured with this heavy-duty safe about unauthorized access from other people or kids.

Secured Storage Capacity

This gun safe provides more convenient storage space for 2 XL guns. So, it can easily hold two small or medium handguns along with some extra ammunition and many small contents.

Smart Fingerprint Lock

The advanced Biometric fingerprint lock is not the only feature you will get in this safe. Apart from the fingerprint scan system, there are also digital keypad lock and manual key lock systems.

Thus, you will get improved protection and security for your guns inside the safe in 3 different ways.

Single Hand Access

As the safe is quite big, one may think that you’ll need to use both hands to unlock it. However, you can easily and swiftly unlock it using any of the 3 opening methods. Also, the gas strut function on the opener makes the process smoother and instant.

Great Mobility

This great multiple feature pistol safe is very concealing and convenient to keep anywhere. Apart from its ideal usage of a bedside pistol safe, you can put it anyplace you require.

Things We Like

  • Convenient Performance- Ensuring enough, storage, fast response lock, and advanced security.
  • Multiple Lock System- Providing 3 effective lock options biometric scanner, digital keypad, and manual lock.
  • Spacious Storage- Can easily store two medium pistols with extra Mags/ammunition.
  • LED Light Feature- LED lighting ensures proper visual 24/7 in any situation.
  • High Strength Construction- Built with alloy steel gauge with multiple resistance.

Keep in mind

  • Must Clean Fingerprint Pad- You always need to wipe the fingerprint pad to clear out your fingerprint from it or it may get unlocked by other people. 

VAULTEK 20 Series Smart Pistol Safe- Perfect Modern Technology Gun Safe

VAULTEK 20 series with Bluetooth 2.0 smart technology-based handgun safe is highly modern with many tech features. It can easily contain one full-size handgun with Mags and other personal items.

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Moreover, the Bluetooth tool, battery power function, and powerful anti-theft features are only available in this outstanding safe.

Amazing Sturdiness

This safe has the tough and rugged 16 Carbon alloy metal compact unibody design featuring powerful, long-lasting sturdiness. 

Along with the durable performance, the steel powder coat decreases the chance of corrosion to the max.

Updated Multiple Lock Functionality

3 different lock mechanism is available in this technological safe. These are fingerprint scanners that can store 20 fingerprint details, backup manual keys, and password combination keypads.

Additional Technology

Exclusive Bluetooth power management lets you control and monitor battery status, pry detection, LED light, lock/unlock log history, fingerprint change/add, and many more.

Moreover, the supreme anti-theft security comes with some fantastic features like dual anti-impact latch, mounting hardware/hinges/cables, anti-tamper reinforcement bars, and weldless unibody construction.

One-hand Quick Access

If you prefer single-hand fast access, this HD high-quality biometric lock’s instant scanners fast and auto-open lid feature always gives you quick access to your firearms and valuables.

Not to mention the smart safe technology makes your setup and other interactive operations fast and precise.

Portable & On the Go Protection 

This high-tech pistol safe provides great portable availability with additional heavy-duty mounting hardware, quick-release mount wire, and steel security cable.

Further, this safe is TSA compliant and ensures optimal safety to your guns while you’re traveling or on the go mode.

Things We Like

  • Compact Construction- Tough 16-gauge carbon metal builds giving sturdy, long-lasting, corrosion-proof protection.
  • Advanced Technology- Consist of Bluetooth connection to manage LED, tamper detection, fingerprint, log history, and so on. 
  • Anti-Theft Security- Ultimate anti-theft function ensures in prevention of any break-ins.
  • Smart Lock Options- Comes with Biometric scanner, backup key lock, and password combination keypad lock.
  • Tamper Detector & history – Keeps the data of when the safe was unlocked and detects if the safe was tempered with force.
  • Responsive LED Light- provides proper visibility of inside the safe & illuminating proximity sensor light views the keypads.

Keep in mind

  • Digital Keypad is not Kid Safe- Digital keypad beeps and kind of help in guessing.

RPNB Gun Safe – Best Security and Durability

RPNB pistol safe is another best value and smart featured handgun safe. This reliable one handgun safe can consist of some effective lock functions, and many other convenient features you’ll love to use.

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Further, this safe is certified by California DOJ and provides RFID technology to ensure the best Security and accessibility.

Tough and Rugged

RPNB has a bit unique yet heavy-duty construction of Aluminum and 16-gauge carbon alloy steel. The corrosion decreasing powder coat finish and compact build altogether give the best performance and long-lasting security.

3 Methods of Lock Entry

By giving 3 different active lock systems, this pistol safe make sure you get what you’re most compatible with. Therefore, the 3 methods of security locks are ROD 8- or 3-digit password keypad, RFID key tags, and a manual conventional key lock.

Additional Anti-Theft Security

It is a featuring protection function providing heavy-duty anti-impact latches that strengthen the pry-resistant steel and aluminum body. Therefore, the effective tamper or pry resistance gets capable enough to withstand break-ins or force open actions. 

Fast and Reliable Handgun Safe

Using this gun safe will get you a high-quality and effective password and ROD/RFID lock technology. With that, you can easily keep your firearms from your young children and unwanted people. Further, you enable instant access for emergencies like self-defense.

Great Mobility

You can always take your RPNB smart pistol safe as it comes with a varsity of sizes. Moreover, you can keep it anywhere like on a nightstand, under the hood of a car, or inside your backpack.

Things We Like

  • RFID Lock Mechanism- RFID activated FOB code lock accurately works and assures instant access.
  • Built-in Lighting- avails built-in sensor LED light to enhance visibility in the darkness.
  • DOJ Certified- Consists of California DOJ certification by meeting the TSA requirements.
  • Battery Powered FOB program- FOB or combination code feature is enabled using AAAA battery power.
  • Easy Setup- takes no time to set up the lock programs and functions.

Keep in mind

  • Digital Trigger-Lock- the digital lock trigger might malfunction once in a while.

First Alert 52000F Pistol Safe – Top-Notch Portable Gun Safe

If you want a great handgun safe that serves you with everything you could think of you require, then First Alert is the perfect choice for you. 

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Or in case you don’t trust the biometric lock feature and prefer to use passwords or manual keys in the handgun safe then it’s the right one for you.

Heavy-duty Composite Spacious Gun Safe

The First Alert 5200DF Handgun safe consists of 18-gauge composite alloy steel that is optimum for day-to-day usage. Further, it can easily carry 2 small handguns or a medium pistol very smoothly.

Multiple & Durable Lock Functions

There are 2 lock systems you will get in this portable pistol safe. The first lock system is an electric 29 combination password-protected lock. It also features No-See preventing the lock mechanism to be easily visible to unwanted people. Moreover, the other system manual overrides keys. 

Additional Convenient Contents

Here is the cool thing about this sturdy and reliant gun safe, it delivers you some extra options or functions for better convenience.

These are the spring closure door lock system enabling fast accessibility, 500-pound-tested steel cables for mounting/bolting convenience, foam interior for extra protection. Also, last but not least manual override keys for urgent situations.

Who Is This for?

First Alert has always promised about providing the best value safety in many things, and the 52000F gun safe is no different.

Therefore, this safe is highly advanced with technology and features to avail you of the perfect pistol safe with max protection. So, you will be pleased to use this safe and get the most out of it without any disappointment.

Things We Like

  • No-See Passcode Feature- Smart electronic password lock system providing the best protection.
  • Durable Construction- Tough and rough 18-gauge steel composite construction.
  • Interior Protection- Padre surface and edges keep the firearms and other contents safe from damages. 
  • Fast Spring Door- Spring-loaded opener mechanism giving easy procedure and fast access.
  • Mounting Availability- Steel cable to create holes and bolt the safe somewhere suitable.

Keep in mind

  • Not Suitable for Bedside Use- It’s too big to store on the nightstand.

RPNB Pistols Safe- best Bang Gun Safe for the Buck

Another great security handgun safe from RPNB comes with more storage and more protection. The potential danger of firearms is only known to the people owning pistols. So, it’s your responsibility to keep it hidden and out of reach from your children or suspicious people.

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Therefore, RPNB multiple gun safe is here to help you out with storing guns with max security. Along, with more protection and functionality systems so you can get the best of it.

Solid and Tough Handgun Safe

Alloy steel construction crafted onto this handgun safe makes this very stylish, highly durable, and long-lasting. Further, the safe won’t face any corrosion for its black finish coating. 

Moreover, it’s a full metal build and comes with floor mounting hardware. That way you can incorporate it into any place you prefer.

4 Points Locks & Security

Just like RPNB one handgun safe, RPNB comes with multiple opening options along with an extra one more feature. It contains an RFID fingerprint, electric FOB card lock, keypad password lock, and the override manual key lock. 

All of the above lock systems are included to ensure max protection as well as fast, efficient lock opening technology.

Maximum Capacity and Quick Access

This firearms safety storage device can easily contain 2 full-size handguns with 2 or more ammunition, Mags, and valuable cards/documents.

Further, the interior is foam-based so rough and tear usage won’t dent or scratch the contents inside even a bit.

Therefore, the deluxe automatic opening door works and pops open right when you input the locks to get your firearms instantly.

High-End Protection for More Handguns

In case you got more handguns, you’ll need a bigger gun safe to store them in a secured place altogether. Besides, keeping your pistols or firearms protected near you means you can defend or protect yourself from dangers more precisely.

Exclusive Anti-Theft Precautions

This high-quality instant access multiple pistols safe is built with a pry or tamper-resistant door. The doors are designed with powerful pry-resistance and double-layer steel housing ensuring precautionary prevention.

Therefore, RPNB multiple guns safe will provide you the ultimate prevention against any break-ins or unauthorized forces.

Things We Like

  • Strong Steel Build- Expertly designed by 12-gauge alloy metal for the durable and long-lasting build.
  • More Storage Space- Suitable for storing 2 full-size firearms.
  • DOJ Approved- Verified by Department of Justice California. 
  • Auto-Open Closure- Ensures fast access with the pop open-door system.
  • RFID FOB Locks- Advanced wireless RFID identification lock system for emergencies.

Keep in mind

  • Not Much Portability- needs some clearance as the door pops open widely and fast.

V-Line 2912-S Top Draw Security Case- Safest 2 Handgun Safe

V-Line safe is another best value for high-quality and performance handgun safe you could ever find. Nothing beats the old-school mechanical lock system no matter what, and it’s also California DOJ approved.

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Therefore, this safe comes with the minimalist but effective simplex mechanical lock design, and other great functionalities you’ll surely love.

Mechanic Locks

The genuine KABA lock is simple yet complex and doesn’t require electrical battery power. Also, the kids or unwanted won’t be able to mess with it without the right code as it’s got an alarm too.

Besides, this lock has Push-buttons entries and a clutch knob which is easy to operate. Also, these are made of 3/8″ Thick Alloy Steel Lock providing more security.

Great Sturdiness and Features

This top security handgun safe is constructed with high-quality composite metallic fiber making it tough. Also, the semi-gloss black powder coat on the top clamp shell makes the safe pry-resistant.

Further, it has got other features for better convenience. For example, auto pop open door for fast access predrilled holes in the top draw for anchoring/mounting, CORTEC protection, and so on.

Dual Pistol Storage Capacity

On the inside, it can take in 2 pistols with ammunition, and some cards as well. Further, no matter how roughly you handle your valuables will stay safe inside with the heavy interior foam installation.

Better Lock Security

If your pistol safe has one accurate and most compatible lock system, you won’t need other options. Therefore, V-Line ensures the perfect lock security system which is fast, easy to operate, and suitable for any situation.

Amazing Protection and Storage

Getting to store more firearms in one place is better if your household got kids. Apart from providing more space, this thick gun safe can resist tampering from unwanted access and is super-fast. Hence, you will avail the most out of this safe in every aspect.

Things We Like

  • Mechanical Key Lock Security- Effective push buttons lock mechanism with many combinations.
  • Quick Release Mounting Brackets- you can place the safe anywhere using the mounting hardware.
  • No Batteries Required- The password lock doesn’t need electric power to operate.
  • Top-Bottom Interior Foam- interior heavy foam installation assures wear and tear safety.
  • DOJ Certified- It meets the standards of a perfect safe according to DOJ.

Keep in mind

  • Doesn’t Consist of LED Light- You may not get much visibility at nighttime.

VAULTEX MX Series Smart Safe- Great High-Capacity Handgun Safe

VAULTEX is a multiple-capacity gun safe that can store more than 8 handguns, ammo, magazines, cards, cash, documents, and so on. Further, it has tons of extraordinary features that make your handgun safe experience the best.

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Super Storage Space

VAULTEX MX series safe is more like a vault for safekeeping your firearms in one place. Therefore, it can easily carry 8 full-size handguns along with ammunition, Mags, cards, cash, and other valuable content. 

Well, of course, your firearms and other stuff will remain unscathed inside the foam-lined, and pry-resistant container. 

Exclusive Lock & Security Options

You won’t get enough of this pistol safe when it comes to amazing lock features. There are biometric locks, luminous 8-digit button lock, smart keypad, manual emergency key, dual entry protection, and many more. You can utilize your smartphone to open the safe using the Wi-Fi/Bluetooth lock feature as well.

Additionally, all of the lock systems are precisely efficient and you can choose to use any of the options to your liking.

Advanced Tech Features 

Just like this safe’s crazy amount of amazing lock features, it’s got tons of modern technology features. By using the Bluetooth/Wi-Fi connection feature you can monitor your safe all the time.

Not only that, but also you can have details of lock logs, change/update/customize locks, check battery health, tampering Info just by using an impact detector which has 3 types of sensitivity modes.

Further, you get an anti-theft alarm notifying you of any funny business going on with the safe. And you can even mount the safe in any place you want.

Picky Handgun Safe Users

Well, you have the right to be picky as the handgun safe is going to protect both your guns and you.

And using the VAULTEX MX series you get plenty of types of models with different features and safety functions you want for yourself.

Supreme and Long-Lasting Security

More handguns require more care, security, and protection. Therefore, this safe can offer you long-lasting security with strong metal construction, and amazing protection operations.

Besides, you can customize and set up it regarding your tastes and preferences to get optimal protection. 

Things We Like

  • Smart Bluetooth/Wi-Fi Technology- Tons of features to customize the safe precisely using Bluetooth/Wi-Fi.
  • Multiple Lock Functions-high-quality different types of lock systems for advanced protection.
  • Supreme Capacity- it can keep 8 handguns with other valuables altogether.
  • Impact Detectors- 3 configuration sensitivity impact detector detects any prying.
  • Rechargeable- long-lasting rechargeable lithium battery with micro-USB charging kit.

Keep in mind

  • Overpriced- It can be a bit too much expensive.

4 Things To Consider While Buying The Best handGun Safe

Right now, you are almost ready to get a handgun safe after going through the best pistol safe reviews. But before you step ahead to buy the best pistol safe there are some particular criteria you need to know and follow.

Considering the things it will make your handgun safe the best. So, here are the things to consider-

1. High-Quality and Heavy-Duty Construction

High-Quality and Heavy-Duty Construction

You know that if there’s anything we want to get for us first we need to make sure that it is of good quality. It’s the same for the handgun safe as well. 

A high-quality and heavy-duty construction means that the safe is made of good steel or composite metal that’s strong enough to operate for a long time.

When it comes to safety, we need to keep the gauge quantity of the steel in our minds. The gauge quantity refers to how thick the metal body is. The lesser the gauge amount, the thicker the steel.

Types of Lock Mechanism

From the best pistols safe reviews, we saw that a lot of the best handgun safes come with more than one lock mechanism.

You will come across many lock systems while getting a pistol safe. You need to find which type is more compatible and better for you to get better protection and fast access.

  • Biometric Fingerprint Scanner Lock – This type of lock is an electronic artificial intelligence-based security system. The scanner reads your fingerprint and matches it with the print you saved beforehand to identify you. Therefore, it is quite accurate and takes only a moment to unlock the safe. But, if you’re in a profession where your hand gets to tolerate a lot of ABU’s the fingerprint scanner may not be the best option.
  • RFID Lock – The RFID lock is the so-called Radio-Frequency Identification Detector. This lock function comes with a keypad, keyring, or key cards known as tags. You will get this tag with the safe and you need to slightly tough the lock reader with the tag to unlock the safe. This is a great lock mechanism that is only if you don’t lose the key tag.
  • Keypad Lock Feature – This is just a battery-powered lock system where you set a combination of numbers or signs as the input to unlock. It is also an amazing option to access your safe securely. With just a few digits you can customize thousands of combinational codes. So, it’s next to impossible for an unauthorized thief to guess the right code. You could try the entry method.
  • ROD Lock or Lockbox-This is the basic lock system that’s used in many security systems. Although it’s an old-school and a basic mechanism, it’s always reliable. The gun safe with a mechanical lock comes with a pair of keys that are used to unlock the lockbox. Therefore, you need to store the keys in a highly accessible and concealed place. This lock system gives quality security but it doesn’t assure fast access.
  • Dual Configuration Lock- Some modern and advanced technology-based handgun safes consist of a dual lock mechanism where you must input both fingerprint/code and the keypad to open the safe.

2. Features of Pistols Safe

Features of Pistols Safe

Although features aren’t mandatory, we know from the best pistol-safe reviews that some additional features improve your experience. Therefore, you may consider some convenient features to experience better performance.

  • Anti-Theft Alarm- The Anti-Theft protection is a function that produces alarm alerts whenever the safe is being pried or tampered with forcefully. You can Ben customize your gun safe to buzz the alarm whenever the lock system gets the wrong input codes.
  • Mounting Hardware or Predrilled Holes- Some gun safes consist of mounting steel wires, cables, or predrilled holes you can use to mount the safe to something stable. With this, you can avoid the safe tipping over and causing damage. 
  • Interior Foam Lines- The foam setup inside the pistols safes is to make sure the guns aren’t damaged. As the gun may get scathed or dented due to the safe moving/shaking while you’re moving around with it.

3. DOJ Certification

DOJ Certification

So, this is a little trick for those who don’t understand much about the technology or machine stuff. Or you can be the person who is in a little hurry to have their handguns/pistols inside a safe ASAP. 

This trick may help you loads. Just check whether the gun safe is California DOJ approved or not. If it is, then you may proceed to buy that one.

4. Pricing and Budget

Pricing and Budget

A pricing plan is always the last thing you need to be mindful of. After all the choices or considering now comes the time for your budget plan to arise. 

If your budget matches the cost of the safe you chose, it’s great!

If not, don’t worry about your budget being low. There are many reasonable-priced handguns available giving the best features and protection service. 

People Also Ask

1. Are Handgun Safes Secure?

To be honest gun safes do not meet the general UL Standards properly. Still, handgun safes are a safer place to keep firearms. You don’t want a dangerous person or your kid to get a hold of your guns and do something unimaginable. Rather than having your weapons lying around openly, storing them is better.

2. Where Should I Place a Gun Safe in My House?

The most suitable place you should place your pistol safe is the floor. Gun safes are quite heavy and the floor can give them better support. You can just crawl or dig into the safe in emergencies and have fast access.

3. Should I Mount the Gun Safe to the Floor?

It varies depending on your situation like, whether you live with children or your place tends to have earthquakes, and so on. Well, it’s a wise choice to mount/anchor the gun safe to the floor and prevents any accidents or damages.

4. Can You Break into a Gun Safe?

Not everyone has acknowledged how handgun safes work. Therefore, a minor thief or an inexperienced person cannot break into the safe at all. However, if the person is quite familiar with safety mechanisms and figures out the safe’s weakness breaking into the safe is possible.

5. How Can You Open the Gun Safe If You Forgot the Code?

The first thing you need to do is check the user manual to see if there’s a way you can reset the lock system. If it’s a no, simply contact the manufacturing help center or a locksmith nearby. They will help to retrieve the code for you or reset the safe using other methods.

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Closing Thoughts

We hope that our honest opinions in the best handgun safe reviews are helpful for you. We put together the things we like about our top picks in the best pistols safe reviews as well.

So, all you need to do is find the one that perfectly fits your requirements

 And get that for safekeeping your firearms in the most secure way possible. Thus, enjoy the great experiences while you’re at it.

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