7 Best Nightstand Gun Safe Reviews – (Buyer’s Guide)

Do you have a firearm that only gets used when it’s really necessary? Safeguard your gun with the best nightstand safe and keep them out of reach, even if they are in an emergency.

To make sure you always have your firearm on hand, consider buying one of the best nightstand gun safes available. Even though some people feel like firearms should never be kept on your nightstand, it is an excellent place for a gun safe.

In addition to keeping them out of reach from unauthorized users and ensuring their safety with you at all times. This also protects children who can open unlocked drawers in their own home without thinking twice about what they’re doing–even if there’s ammunition inside!

That being said though; we would recommend buying one or two small models which don’t take up much space. But still provide adequate security as long as they are mounted securely where nobody will ever bother trying.

In a rush! check out the hotlist below for the Best Nightstand Gun Safe: (Affiliates links)

  1. Fort Knox PB1 Handgun Safe (Click here to view)
  2. Vaultek 10 Series Lightweight Handgun Bluetooth Smart Safe (Click here to view)
  3. VAULTEK Slider Series Rugged Smart Handgun Safe (Click here to view)
  4. Awesafe Gun Safe with Fingerprint Identification (Click here to view)
  5. GunVault SV500 Handgun Safe (Click here to view)
  6. V-Line Compact Keyless Gun Storage (Click here to view)
  7. V-Line 2597-S Desk Mate Keyless Gun Safe (Click here to view)
Best Nightstand Gun Safe Reviews

Best Nightstand Gun Safe Reviews

We’ve collected a list of the top nightstand gun safes on the market to make your search easier. These nightstand gun safes are sturdy, simple to install, and can keep your guns safe from illegal access.

Fort Knox PB1 Handgun Safe

If you’re an avid gun enthusiast, then it’s not surprising that one of your biggest pet peeves is having their handguns safe when they are not using them. The Fort Knox PB1 aims to be the toughest on earth and will keep all pistols inside 100% protected from any potential theft or damage!

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Heavy Duty Construction

The jaws of this safe are made from durable 10 gauge steel and can withstand even the most intense hits with tools. It also comes equipped with an extra protective 3/16” thick door that will prevent any blows to penetrate its interior, ensuring your valuables stay safely inside!

Robust Door

The door to this safe is simply phenomenal. It’s 3/16″ thick, with a wraparound design that makes it even more difficult for would-be thieves and burglars! Moreover, the heavy-duty metal construction will hold up against drilling or prying by raccoons, no matter how many times they try their luck at getting inside your valuables in one go.

Various Combination

In addition, the heavy-duty tamper-resistant hinges and gas strut makes it easy for you to open the door with one hand. The Simplex push-button lock is fast, and irreversible in 1,081 different combinations so there’s no chance of misplacing your keys again!


The antique silver powder coat finish on this gun safe creates a sense of strength and quality while also making it beautiful. Inside, the foam lining helps protect your valuables from damage or scratches by containing them inside with you!

Keep in Mind

In cases when you don’t need to scare away an attacker, this gun safe will be even more audible to open. Anyone who needs their handgun out of the safe quickly and quietly may find themselves in a difficult position because of the noise.

Vaultek 10 Series Lightweight Handgun Bluetooth Smart Safe

The 28% lighter weight of the Vaultek 10 Series makes it perfect for those who need a compact gun safe that can still store their handgun or another small firearm. With its TSA airline firearm guidelines compatibility, this product is also great if you plan on traveling by plane with your weapon – as long as they are kept out!

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Rugged Construction:

The Vaultek 10 Series Gun Safe is a rugged, durable product that’s designed to keep your guns secure. Made with anti-theft protection features like interior reinforced hinges and dual latches for added security under pressure. 


A strong, lightweight steel body shields your valuables and firearms from would-be thieves. This versatile Vaultek 10 Series SLIM smart safe is great for small handguns or even jewelry!


This powerful device can be securely anchored with supplied mounting hardware and a 4-foot long heavy-duty 5 mm diameter steel security cable to keep it from being stolen while you sleep!

Biometric Scanner:

Vaultek’s 10 Series SLIM smart safe is equipped with a biometric scanner. This high-tech device allows you to store up to 20 unique fingerprints, making it the perfect safe for storing all your guns and ammunition in one place!

Smartphone Access:

You can remotely access your safe by using a smartphone. You’ll be able to check power levels, view gun safe history and detect tampering with this Bluetooth-enabled Vaultek Gun Safe. It also features an adjustable interior LED light for high visibility in the dark.

Rechargeable Battery:

This Vaultek Gun Safe comes with a lithium-ion battery that can be recharged for over 3 months on a single charge. It takes 2 hours and 15 minutes for this device to become fully charged, so you’ll never have trouble protecting your firearm again!

Keep in Mind

This Vaultek Gun Safe is a great choice for anyone with non-compact designs firearms. If you have a larger gun and want to store it in the Gun Safe, make sure that this safe has enough space for your firearm.

VAULTEK Slider Series Rugged Smart Handgun Safe

Vaultek’s Slider Series gun safes can be deployed in fractions of a second. The smooth, silent action is engineered with precision and designed for inconspicuous placement on nightstands under desks, or even inside vehicles!

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Multiple Mounting:

Vaultek’s included proprietary mounting plate provides multiple options for safe installation, including 75mm and 100mm patterns. The interior holster uses non-absorbent CLOSED CELL FOAM to preserve conditioning while storing a single firearm plus one spare magazine inside with you!

Remote Access:

Vaultek’s Slider series gun safes integrate cutting-edge technology to make them more than just an ordinary safe. With remote access from your smartphone, you can check power levels, tempering detection, or view history on the integrated Smart Safe Technology system.

Night Safe:

With the built-in adjustable interior LED light of this Vaultek safe, you can easily see what’s inside even if it is dark. The backlit keypad will illuminate via a proximity sensor so that keys are visible at night! Plus, there are a few hotkeys that allow you to quickly access like Bluetooth turning On/Off.

Rechargeable Battery:

Vaultek is the perfect gift for anyone looking to discreetly store their firearm and have immediate access when needed. This safe comes with a long-lasting rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which only needs 2-3 hours of charging time before it can provide you power on demand!

Travel Compatible:

Vaultek slider gun safe meets the requirements for traveling with a firearm. It can be taken on any flight as standard cabin luggage, and it will not cause you to miss flights.

Keep In Mind

The biometric of the gun safe might offer you some tough time with it. because it could take a long for your fingerprint to be identified, so make sure that they are clean and dry before attempting again!

Awesafe Gun Safe with Fingerprint Identification

The Awesafe Gun Safe provides the perfect solution for securely storing your guns and ammunition. This gun safe can hold up to two standard handguns or one larger pistol with extra magazines, meaning you’ll always have access when it’s most needed!

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Robust Construction:

The Awesafe Handgun safe is the perfect way to keep your handgun in a secure location. This gun cabinet has been constructed from solid steel and features an easy-to-use pry-resistant door. Also, there are high-strength locking mechanisms that are virtually impossible for someone to open with hand tools.

User Friendly:

No more fumbling for keys or passwords, just press your finger on the sensor and watch as it opens without sound! The bright LED light inside makes things easy to see in low-light conditions too. With gas strut technology, this easy-to-use product can quickly open without making any noise.

Ideal for Bedside:

This awesome handgun safe is the perfect way to keep your firearm close at hand during sleep time. You can also store it in a closet, under furniture, or anywhere else that’s convenient for you!


With an easy-to-use control panel, you can set your gun-safe combination for backup access to the firearm in question. Additionally, Awesafe has the most advanced locking system allowing users to unlock their weapon with only one swipe of their finger on this innovative device’s touch screen interface!

Versatile Use:

Additionally, this safe box is crafted by awesafe to maximize safety and satisfaction. This gun cabinet not only protects your gun but also your documents and souvenir too.

Keep In Mind

This safe box has some issues. Sometimes it can take a while for the fingerprint to match, and sometimes there’s no signal at all! However, you might find other features that protect your gun from being stolen or damaged in addition.

GunVault SV500 Handgun Safe

Gun safes are a great way to keep your firearm secure but also easily accessible in case you need it. And, this GunVault SV500 Handgun Safe is made from 18 gauge steel and designed for mounting on the wall or under the desk so that they’re out of sight, yet within arm’s reach should anything happen!

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Unique Design:

This GunVault safe is perfect for those who want to keep their pistol out of sight and securely locked away. The small footprint allows you easy access from where it can be quickly brought back into play if needed!


The SV500 gun safe is a high-security container that can protect your handgun with ease. It features an interior lined in steel to prevent scratches and the keypad includes 12 million possible combinations.

Safe and Secure:

GunVault’s SV500 gun safe is designed to keep your firearm secure and inaccessible for anyone who doesn’t have the correct credentials. It features 24 consecutive incorrect entries on its keypad before going into Security Sleep Mode, which lasts 2 minutes. During this time you’ll hear an alarm beeping if someone tries opening it without permission again within those two-minute periods!

Long-Lasting Battery:

SV500 is the perfect safe for your pistol! It features a battery-backed keypad entry with an LED warning that tells you when it’s time to replace the 9 Volt long-lasting batteries. You’ll also receive 2 backup override keys so you can open this gun cabinet even if the keypad fails.

Keep In Mind

GunVault’s SV500 gun safe is not fireproof or water-resistant, but it does have an excellent price range. If you need either of these features in your new home for guns then make sure to get something more expensive than this product!

V-Line Compact Keyless Gun Storage

The V-Line Compact Gun Safe is a super lightweight (5 pounds) and simple way to protect your pistol when traveling. With its minimalist design, it’s ideal for those who want the most security without being too bulky or heavy!

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Compact Design:

V-Line’s one of the most compact and pry-resistant gun safes on this list. In addition to its small stature, V Line also has a clamshell design that makes it incredibly difficult for potential thieves to get into your firearm. Also, it has a quality CA DOJ approval rating which is perfect for those who want extra security in their home or office space.

Manual Security:

This sleek and stylish gun safe is the perfect addition to your bedroom. No batteries or fingerprint scanners are needed to run this V-Line Gun Safe. The real deal is with its simplex lock and stainless steel faceplate, not to mention that it’s black powder coated for an extra sleek look!

Lightweight and Sturdy Construction:

V-Line Gun Safe is a lightweight and portable gun safe that can be used in a variety of settings. It weighs only 5 pounds so it’s easy to move around, but this compact design still offers the protection your firearms need with its steel cable lock attached at both ends for securing fixtures.

Scratch Protected:

You can store your guns in style with this top-opening pistol safe beside the bed. Made of high-density foam to protect them from scratches and dust. Plus, it’s lined throughout by thick layers of foam that will keep all those precious firearms protected no matter what happens!

Keep In Mind

If you are looking for a simple yet highly secure gun safe, then this V-line model may be perfect. It doesn’t have any fancy features like biometric or keypad combination which makes it slightly expensive but still very effective in protecting your firearms from would-be burglars!

V-Line 2597-S Desk Mate Keyless Gun Safe

For those looking for the ultimate in firearms safety, look no further than this V-line 2597-S. It’s lightweight and easy to move around so that it can fit into any space you need! Not only does its steel body provide durability but also makes sure your safe lasts as long as possible too.

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Easy Mount:

The V-line 2597-S desk mate keyless security case is a great way to prevent theft of your valuable tools. This model features an easily mounts under the desktop or shelf, without batteries needed. And that makes it perfect for on-site jobs where you need quick access, but don’t have time dealing with changing out power sources!

Manual Lock:

The V-line 2597-S gun safe is the best in its class because it does not require any batteries or keypad combination. The Deskmate’s Simplex mechanical lock alone makes this an unbeatable deal for anyone who loves safety, security, and convenience!

Additional Security:

V-line gun safes are designed to protect your guns and other valuable items from prying eyes. Drop-down door inserts will go inside the walls of this case, while welded anti-pry brackets sit between each side for extra security!

Large Box:

This chest box is a made-in America product that ensures quality. It’s also CA DOJ Approved, which means it meets all safety standards set by law for these types of safes – and protects against theft too! Additionally, this firearm chest can hold most handguns with ease; large enough to keep your handgun close at hand.

Keep In Mind

When it comes to installing a vertical or sideways-mounted gun safe, the 2597S is not an easy task. However, if you have limited space under your desk and want something that can provide some peace of mind for yourself then this may be a perfect fit!

Where should I keep my gun at night?

Today, single-location gun storage is not an option anymore. What we need to do instead is have a decentralized mechanism that can store all your firearms in different places and under lock.

So they’re safe from being accessed by curious children or else robbers who might be looking for easy targets at night time while you sleep.

Let’s talk about some different storage options for where you can keep your gun at night time!

1. Alternative Drawer

Many people store their guns on the nightstand next to a drawer, which helps store and retrieve them when you’re half asleep. The nightstand is the most common gun storage space, but it’s also an easy target for intruders.

You can keep your firearm in wardrobe drawers or even higher on a bookshelf if you have children and/or unexpected visitors at home – just make sure that they cannot reach you! Keep aside a bed lock drawer for your gun, also not a bad idea.

2. Gun Safe

Gun safes are known to be the safest place in your home for you and all of their contents. Not only can they keep guns from going off without permission or falling into the wrong hands, but also because there’s no need to lock away multiple codes. And that various codes themselves could become an obstacle if needed at a quick moment during emergency times.

With fingerprint locks, you can quickly access what’s inside without worrying about complex codes or keys during times when children may be around as well!

3. Magnetic Gun Mount

One of the most popular and affordable gun mounts on today’s market is Comfort Tac’s MG magnetic mount. Its powerful 35 lbs. rated rubber coat magnets keep your firearm safe, and inaccessible in case you need to use it for protection.

With an easy installation that anyone can do themselves with only a few tools at hand, this will be an excellent investment from beginning till end. The elegant design makes it look stylish and you still have easy access to whatever’s inside when needed as well.

No more worries about thieves getting their hands on one because this thing holds your gun very strongly between its sleek surface finish.

3. Kitchen Pantry

Guns are an important part of the home, and adding a gun cabinet to your kitchen pantry is one way you can keep them out of harm’s reach. For starters: not only do thieves avoid this area because it has no value; even children or guests coming over will have fewer chances here with all their adult smells in tow!

 And should something happen during daytime hours when adults aren’t around? The answer leads us back to our original point – accessibility from inside rather than outside means quicker access for anyone who may need urgent protection.

4. Guest Room Closet

You don’t want to keep your gun in a place where it can be seen, but you also need access if necessary. If the guest room is off-limits because of overnight guests or another reason (like children), then an inside closet near the front door would work just fine. It will store your weapons that may come into use unexpectedly on rare occasions when peace seems farther away than ever before!

The answer to how a pistol should be stored at night is that it depends on the individual. Some people might feel more secure in their backwoods cabin, while others would find themselves keeping guns right under the bed at night.

Why Should You Buy A Nightstand Gun Safe?

Why Should You Buy A Nightstand Gun Safe?

Gun safes are the best way to keep your guns out of reach from children and other people who may want them. But there’s more than just safety why you need one! Here we list some important reasons for owning a gun safe:

1. Security from Theft

1. Security from Theft

Even though the reason for owning a gun safe may be self-evident, there are other benefits in addition to its primary purpose. The most obvious is protection from theft and misuse of your firearm. It also serves as an investment that cannot afford any losses or damages with regards to firearms collections – if you have one at home!

However unbreakable biometric locks make them even more difficult than ever before (and let’s face it: nobody wants their precious collection compromised).

2. Keep out of Children’s Reach

2. Keep out of Children's Reach

Don’t risk your child’s life! You must prohibit them from accessing your firearms and the only way is through a gun safe. Even if you think that they can’t get into it because of their location (e.g., upstairs), rest assured naughty kids are always looking for ways around what would otherwise seem like an impossible obstacle.

A child’s curiosity can almost always be tempted by something more interesting than what is right in front of him, especially if it involves his favorite toy. That might sound like a no-brainer but you would be surprised at the number of parents who don’t think about this before allowing their kids access to things they shouldn’t have!

For example, A gun safe may seem like an extravagant purchase for someone with only one firearm or even several. However, all these little investments add up and will give your family piece-of-mind knowing that everything related (from guns themselves down protection) are stored safely away from children’s reach.

3. For Quick Access

3. For Quick Access

Hiding your gun somewhere in the house and then reaching it can be risky. You never know when a thief breaks into your home, but with quick access to a weapon through an easy-to-open safe, you’re able to protect yourself from all those dangers! Most of these safes only require one code or biometric verification before they unlock at lightning speed.

4. Secure other Item

4. Secure other Item

Guns are great for protection, but you can also store other items in your gun safe. Most people keep their gold coins and jewelry there as well!

With so much space left over, even the smallest safes have enough room to accommodate additional valuable goods like important documents or cash.

5. To Comply with Gun Law

5. To Comply with Gun Law

The Child Access Prevention Law is a great way to protect your children and other people visiting you. The law ensures that gun owners are required by law, if they have children in their homes where guns are present, to make sure those firearms cannot easily be accessed by kids.

This law ensures that you safely secure all Visitors and Employees who come into contact with firearms, which includes visitors as well!

6. Insurance Requirement

6. Insurance Requirement

Gun safes are incredibly important for any gun owner. When you use one, not only do they provide peace of mind that your weapon is safe from damage or theft; but it also speeds up the process should there be an accident with them on hand! With proper certification through insurance companies—who require storing weapons inside a certified gun safe.

7. Being a responsible citizen

7. Being a responsible citizen

Gun safes are both an investment in your character and the safety of your family. Plus, gun accidents can happen at any time so we must take responsibility for our protection by owning these types of things!

Why A Nightstand Gun Safe May Not Be Right For You?

Gun safes are a good option for gun owners who want to keep their firearms secure and out of reach. The only real disadvantage is that it takes time-consuming work before being able to open the safe to get your weapon.

Specifically, if you need a gun very rapidly in an emergency case, then at first unlocking the safe box, then load the magazine all of these are time-consuming. It may be too late then. Therefore, if you are in a true emergency scenario, then storing your gun in a gun safe is not a smart option for you.

It is also possible to break a gun safe’s lock with a little time and effort. They are also ineffective against fire or burglary since a thief might just walk away with a pistol and break the lock later.

A gun safe prevents unauthorized access to the firearm. This little package, on the other hand, is easy for a thief or burglar to snatch. Moreover, this means that if you reside in an area where gun stealing is a typical occurrence, investing in a gun safe is of little use.

8 Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Nightstand Gun Safe

Only the most convenient bedside gun safes were included in our list because of the following considerations: There are a plethora of choices at a variety of pricing points. Before purchasing a nightstand gun safe, there are a few things to keep in mind. Let’s take a closer look at those aspects.

1. Rapid Access

You want your gun safe to be fast and easy to get into, no matter where you keep it. A good security system doesn’t mean complicated locking mechanisms that take time when we need access most; in this case for protection!

So if possible choose one with an organized layout so there are quick response times during emergencies or just everyday use. But don’t compromise on safety by picking something too weak against intruders either.

2. Protection

A gun safe is the best way to keep your valuable guns out of reach and away from children, burglars, or intruders. Gun safes come in many different sizes so they can be used at home as well as while traveling abroad with ease

If you’re looking for durable protection that will last through years’ worth of use then it’s important to check what kind of construction material was made from before purchasing one. Some models may not offer enough security against third-party attempts while others might have weak points which render them completely ineffective when assaulted by determined foes!

3. Locking

Safety should be your number one priority when it comes to safekeeping a firearm. Make sure there is enough security and easy access with the type of lock you choose for gun safes!

Biometrics fingerprint scans work best because they’re more secure than passwords, while electronic locks will offer quick responses time. There are emergency alarm clocks installed in any cabinet storing valuables, such as jewelry boxes, in bedrooms throughout the United States nowadays to prevent code guessing.

4. Mounting Design

Mounting a gun safe to your bed frame is the perfect way to make sure that you always have quick access when it’s time for self-defense. Gun safes come with many different mounting options, so before purchasing one be sure and determine which ones will best suit whatever needs you may want or need.

The most popular type is known as ‘bedside’ storage units because they consume less space while providing easy accessibility right next door where everyone can see its bright colors instead!

5. Storage

The best gun safes are not just for guns. They can also store other important items like ammunition, accessories, and even sunglasses! Make sure that the storage capacity of your safe meets with what you need it to keep inside without leaving any scratches on either surface.

Some brands offer an extra arm space where someone could put their wallet or phone if needed too so check those details carefully before making a purchase decision.

6. Digital Lock

The advantages of a digital lock are two-fold. First, since there’s no need for keys or biometric information to open them they’re much faster than other types! Second – and most importantly – these locks offer greater security by making it impossible (unless you know what you’re doing) re falsifying codes.

7. Battery

It is important to have a long-lasting battery in your gun safe. If you’re not sure whether it’s rechargeable or not, then make sure that the priority for any batteries would be standard lead-acid types. As because this type of battery provides plenty of power and lasts much longer than their counterparts with an electrical system.

However, there may be some device that comes equipped with more advanced electronic locks such as biometric fingerprint scanners/digital keypad combinations. You need to check how many megahertz each provides so there isn’t too much strain put on them when trying access items.

8. Smart Features

Technology has become a part of our lives that we cannot do without. We have phones to make calls, tablets for work or reading purposes – but what about storing your valuables? Even if you don’t own one yet it feels like everyone is talking about how great these safes are with their smart connected Apps features!

For some people, the technology in a gun safe can be overwhelming and cause drama. We’re all about old-school here so we don’t want our guns communicating with anything besides each other!

People Also Ask

1. Can I put a gun safe in my bedroom?

Yes, the safe may be installed in a bedroom closet. A gun safe that may be installed beneath the bed for quick and simple access is also an option. This is a big plus for magnet gun safes; they retain the pistol by the magnet and allow you to remove it with an open key. These are the finest gun safes to have on hand in case you need one right away.

2. Should a gun safe be hidden?

Regardless of how secure a gun safe seems to be, an attacker may be able to break the code with the right tools. Your firearms might be stolen or misused against you if and when that occurs. Even if you don’t, it’s a good idea to hide your gun safe.

3. Do you need a dehumidifier in a gun safe?

Damage to weapons and other valuables may occur if even the tiniest quantity of humidity is retained within a gun vault. A dry dehumidifier may be suitable for low-humidity situations, as much as you replace it often to assure that it’s at its least efficient.

4. Can I answer my door with a gun in my hand?

Having a pistol in your hand while you open the door is not unlawful in most American areas. Legally, it is against the law to point it towards someone outside. If you open your door and open your eyes, you are breaking the law! 

5. Is it safe to sleep with a gun under your pillow?

It doesn’t even matter whether we ever witness this sort of sequence in a high-end Hollywood film. However, it is not a good idea to have a firearm beneath your pillow. Because anything may happen when you are asleep or half awake.

6. How do you disguise a large safe?

Hang a picture or mirror on the wall to hide it. To hide the safe, put a picture or a huge mirror over it after it’s on the wall. In the event of a break-in, a thief won’t look behind the mirror or picture.

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Closing Thoughts

To get the greatest nightstand gun safes, it’s important to consider personal preferences. What are the characteristics you are looking for in a safety deposit box?

How are they going to be installed, and how will this work with the rest of your home’s furnishings and storage areas? Due to an existing configuration issue, are there any restrictions on the size of a design?

We hope all of your queries about the best nightstand gun safe have been answered here. Choosing the finest nightstand safe isn’t a simple task since it all comes down to personal choice, as you can see.

Finally, as responsible gun owners, it is our responsibility to keep our guns out of the hands of anybody who is not permitted to have them.

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