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10 Best Portable Camping Showers in 2023



Best Portable Camping Showers

Going on a camping trip is an exciting adventure. You get to immerse yourself in nature, breathe fresh air, and unwind from the hustle and bustle of city life. However, being away from modern amenities means you have to rely on portable and efficient gear. One essential piece of equipment is a camping shower. It lets you get clean and refresh yourself after a long day of hiking, fishing, or exploring.

In this article, we’ve gathered some of the best portable camping showers that will make your outdoor experience comfortable and enjoyable.

1. Advanced Elements Summer Solar Shower

This versatile shower utilizes solar power to produce hot water. It’s ideal for tropical climates or summertime use. It comes in two sizes – five and 10 gallons – and has a temperature gauge to help you achieve your desired water temperature.

2. Coleman Portable Propane Shower

This shower is perfect for cold weather camping, as it uses propane to heat water. It has a rechargeable battery that ignites the heater, and the system is designed to last up to 40 minutes. The water flow is adjustable, so you can regulate the pressure to your liking.

3. Kipida Solar Shower

This shower bag weighs only one pound and can hold up to five gallons of water. It uses solar energy to heat the water, which you can hang from a tree or post for ease of use. It’s lightweight, compact, and perfect for a weekend camping trip.

4. Nemo Helio Pressure Shower

This shower utilizes a foot pump to pressurize the water. It can hold 11 liters of water, and the pressurized water stream delivers a powerful thrust that helps rinse dirt and grime quickly.

5. Ivation Portable Outdoor Shower

This shower is an all-in-one solution and comes equipped with a rechargeable battery, water pump, and a two-gallon water tank. You can use it to wash your pets or gear as well, making it an excellent addition to your camping equipment.

6. Roadshower 4S

This shower installs on the roof of your vehicle and comes in three sizes – five, seven, and ten gallons. It’s perfect for overland vehicles or vans and features a pressure system that delivers a steady flow of hot or cold water.

7. Flextailgear Portable Camping Shower

This shower is ultralight (only 1.3 pounds) and folds into a compact shape that can fit into your backpack. It has a USB rechargeable battery and can hold up to one liter of water, making it perfect for short hiking adventures.

8. Rinsekit Portable Shower

This shower produces pressurized water, does not require a power source, and can hold up to two gallons of water. It’s designed to be fast and convenient, allowing you to get clean water within seconds. The water pressure can last up to four minutes for efficient cleaning.

9. Mr. Heater Basecamp BOSS-XW18

This shower has a built-in rechargeable battery that heats cold water to a maximum temperature of 54°C. It’s ideal for large groups of campers and comes with a 12-foot hose and water filter for easy use.

10. Geyser Systems Portable Hot Shower

This shower uses propane to heat water and has a ten-gallon tank that can last up to 20 showers. It’s perfect for family camping trips and allows you to adjust the water temperature and pressure to your liking.


Choosing the appropriate portable camping shower is essential to make your outdoor experience comfortable and enjoyable. The above ten options provide a wide range of features to suit your needs depending on your camping environment and requirements.

We hope this article helps you choose the perfect camping shower to make your next camping trip memorable.

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