5 Best Under Bed Gun Safe Reviews – (Buyer’s Guide)

Do you sleep light? Did you just hear muffled noises coming from downstairs? It is as if someone is trying to break in!

Burglaries and untimely attacks are always surprising, but you have a gun or guns stashed somewhere in the house. The problem is getting quick access to the safe, probably in the study or on the other side of the room.

One little movement can alert the invaders of your awareness. These situations call for the Best Under Bed Gun Safe that these goons will never imagine.

Paranoia can settle in after experiencing the first-time break-in. Does that imply gun owners ought to hide them under pillows? It is out of the question.

Hence the under-bed safe will give you secure storage right under your nose. So, here comes the five best among many!

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In A Rush!

Are you looking to avoid reading the whole thing and get right into the ample protection system of under-the-bed safes? If you are new to this and have little knowledge about gun safety, maybe the best course of action would be to educate yourself with the under-bed safes and their requirement first.

The ones that I have picked out of the five are based on personal views and customer reviews. However, you being a responsible gun owner, should look into the security features that fit your necessity the most.

In a rush! check out the hotlist below for the Best Under Bed Gun Safe: (Affiliates links)

  1. MonsterVault Low Profile Underbed Safe – Proudly Made In The USA (Click here to view)
  2. Moutec Under Bed Safe – Best Design (Click here to view)
  3. SnapSafe Under Bed Safe, Gun Storage, and Security – Durability and Sturdiness (Click here to view)
  4. Hornady Rapid Safe AR Gun Locker with RFID Touch – Free Entry (Click here to view)
  5. Titan Gun Safe Pistol Vault (Click here to view)

A Little About Under Bed Gun Safe

Do you already have an under-bed gun safe and looking to upgrade it with a better model? Or is this your first time trying to find a safer place to hide the various firearms you own?

Whatever the case is, the under-bed gun safes are probably the only plausible solution apart from the bedside gun safe. The thing is that they are heavy duty and have a state-of-art locking system only you can unlock.

Most of them offer enough space to store various gun types – long or small, and other valuable items like jewelry, important documents, etc. They usually have a design like a horizontal drawer that you can slide out.

Some offer a biometric fingerprint lock mechanism, while others have an electronic lock. Many models even comprise more than one or two locking systems with the traditional key lock. It is for those who wish to utilize it only during emergencies, and the lock combination is hard to recall.

And the entire safe is generally constructed from solid steel for further durability.

Best Under Bed Gun Safe Reviews

Read through the comprehensive features to understand the plus points before buying. It will come in handy to avert unprecedented situations during a crisis.

1. MonsterVault Low Profile Underbed Safe – Proudly Made In The USA

I want to use the term ‘best’ to describe this rectangular gun safe, but the expression is too simple for its excellent functions. In other words, you are looking at the perfect unit to hide under your bed.

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Before you get to the features, have you noticed the Monster Vault logo? Those glaring pair of eyes match the rigidity of the construction.

Alright, so the whole gun safe is black and sleek to let it blend in underneath the bed in the dark. This stealth design comes with a hefty weight that I would like to warn you about first.

Yes, the whole thing is around 120 pounds to carry upstairs. Maybe you should consider a partner in crime during the installation. The drawer itself has plenty of capacity to ensure safekeeping at least three long guns along with other items.

Therefore, if you are a pistol or revolver person and have a handful of them, it is an excellent safe for the cause. Check the digital combination lock as you store the firearms and close the drawer.

You can program it from 3 to 8 digits of a passcode – I recommend going small. That is because you do not want to lose time with a long sequence should you sense invasion at home.

Let us go back to the design and give you a tour of the whole structure. It has a double-wall design with 16 gauge cold-rolled steel construction. An additional 12 gauge plate is integrated into it for more thickness.

Similarly, the thickness on the top and the sides are equally sturdy. There are pre-drilled holes at the bottom to secure the heavyweight to the floor for life! Or as long as you like.

Why You Should Get It?

The fact that the Monster Vault is an all-rounder of all under-bed gun safes with ultra-quiet accessibility when required says it all. If you overlook the price factor, you will attain one of the best solid bed safes for your room.

Those thieves will think twice before trying anything funny.

What We Like?

  • Includes barrel-style backup key
  • Heavy-duty build for utmost security
  •  Modest capacity for more than one weapon
  • Silent sliding and locking operation
  • It comes with mounting holes

Keep In Mind

·  Not waterproof or fireproof

Moutec Under Bed Safe – Best Design

Did you know being the second-best is often an underrated item or a position that people tend to disregard? Well, not on my watch! For many years, the Moutec has been quite the reliable name for gun owners.

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Do you know why? It is an instant protection safe that can store a big weapon you have been meaning to hide from the children, potentially from the thieves too. Remember that the gun safe is super heavy with 80 pounds and a viable option for firearm vehicles.

Take a look at the exterior and see how solidified the 16 gauge steel walls are. They even have tamper-resistant inner edges to enhance the quality.

While you can versatilely fit it under various furniture items, the vertically oriented design is another way to go at it. However, avoid this since it is way too awkward as the keypads remain horizontally structured.

Besides, the super hefty unit is dangerous around living things at home when standing up, so lay it down under the bed. Here you can mount it to the floor, deterring the intruders from moving it anywhere else.

I doubt they can try even without the mounts, given its weight! Yet you can further secure it with the pry-resistant door of three locking bolts.

The locking mechanism comprises an electronic keypad to create a pin code of your choosing. It also has a spare key to unlock/lock the safe manually if you forget the code.

If you are not that wild about biometric locks, this bed gun safe holds the fort just as tenaciously.

The interior allows you to fit in an AR rifle, a few other guns, some ammo/magazines, a handful of jewelry, documents, etc.

Why You Should Get It?

Half the gun owners who already possess this beastly under-bed rifle safe rave about its off-the-charts security and construction. It is as a bond is formed with the heavy-duty unit that prevents a home invasion. I highly recommend it!

What We Like?

  • Ample weight and security measures
  • Low risk of dragging it away unawares
  • Compact design with great capacity
  • It lets you gain access quickly
  •  Includes auto LED light-up interior when unlocked

Keep in mind

  • Cumbersome design when stands vertically

SnapSafe Under Bed Safe, Gun Storage, and Security – Durability and Sturdiness

Are you looking for something small? Do you have something else other than a couple of handguns to stash? Say you have a valuable DSLR that you take on the road.

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You have got the lens equipment plus a tiny gun for protection. In short, you do not want a huge hundred pounds of heavy bed safe since it is difficult to carry from room to vehicle trunk.

Do you see this safe by SnapSafe? It is only 50 pounds and comes with a steel security cable so that no unauthorized person gets any stupid idea.

This mid-sized gun safe is an excellent choice to hide your valuable items away from nosy guests and children too. As a result, many heads of the family use this small unit to safe keep multiple guns as well.

The door is pry-resistant, and the 14 gauge steel construction prevents other ways to infiltrate the walls. As you can see, the quick slide-out drawer has an electronic keypad system where you enter the 3 to 6 digit code.

If you are a forgetful person like me who mixes up the codes all the time, the gun safe has a spare key to open it manually. Just do not forget its whereabouts, though.

Why You Should Get It?

It is like a slide-out gun tray that protects more than the firearms once you let it work the charms. Thanks to the security cable, it is not going anywhere despite the lightweight design.

Personal experience has taught me to use the tether to prevent such an attack of stealth moves right in your room.

If you wish to keep it permanently attached to the floor under the bed, the pre-drilled holes will see to the mounting. All in all, it is compact, saves space, has great capacity, and provides tight security 24/7!

What We Like?

  • Compact design
  • Lightweight to fit in the trunk
  • 14 gauge steel construction for secured build
  •  Digital locking system
  • includes backup keys
  •  Easy to install under bed

Keep in mind

  • Battery operated; might run out

Hornady Rapid Safe AR Gun Locker with RFID Touch – Free Entry

The Hornady RAPiD manufactures one of the under-bed gun safes that issues RFID touch-free entry. I will get there in time, but first, know that this unit uses the term, gun locker rather than a safe.

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Once you go through the overall features, the name is perfectly suitable. If you own tactical length rifles or shotguns, it calls for a different gun safe, which this product delivers.

These firearms are a serious deal that must never go to the wrong hands. Therefore, the Hornady gun locker goes to various lengths to protect them, including four internal hardened locking lugs and 1500 lbs rated security cable.

That is not all; this thing is built with 16 gauge steel construction. It has been tested for saw, pick, drop, and hinge attacks to open. Of course, the door is pry-resistant; it exceeds the safety standards of ASTM International.

While the backup locking mechanism offers barrel keys to open the safe manually, you can quickly unlock the safe without inserting a code or key at all.

The RFID technology-based safe includes fob tags, a wristband, and a couple of decals programmed to unlock the door as you place any of them to the reader. It is faster and less time-consuming in times of defending your home.

Moreover, the interior ensures a nonabrasive layout via foam gun holders to keep the firearms in place.

Why You Should Get It?

It is the big boss of a gun locker for the heavy guns you own and hold dear. Since they are not for show and require secured housing, the Hornady RAPiD safe provides the necessary features accordingly.

In other words, hail to the worthy vault to conceal under the bed or in a closet upright!

What We Like?

  • Tamper-proof heavy-duty construction
  •  It comes with a touch-free unlocking system
  •  Enhanced security with mounting hardware
  • Ideal for rifles and shotguns
  • Certified for child resistance after various tests

Keep in mind

  • Beeps when pressing buttons; requires manual shutdown technique

Titan Gun Safe Pistol Vault

The final option is for those who tuck in a semi-automatic at home or in the vehicle to feel protected at all times. There have been many positive remarks about the Titan gun safe that I could not ignore its superiority anymore.

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Consider it a compact vault to hide under your bed effortlessly. In fact, the thing can be within your reach as you lay in bed. The method has been beneficial when you live alone and do not wish to alert the intruder that you have woken.

It uses the mechanical simplex lock instead of relying on the battery-based keypad system. This means that the accessibility to self-defense is lightning fast before the situation could escalate to uncontrollable danger.

Furthermore, the holster design interior keeps the gun hoisted in a way that allows you to grab the weapon right after unlocking the safe. You can conceal it practically anywhere, vertically or horizontally, thanks to its small size.

Of course, make sure to read its description to ensure your small firearm is compatible to fit or not. And the unit weighs only 10 pounds! Do not scroll down thinking it can be stolen, for the product incorporates mounting hardware to attach it to the floor or wherever you prefer forever.

Why You Should Get It?

Do you live alone? Or the collection includes only a small firearm? If you need a gun safe to mount under the bed, closet, or by your car seat, this 14 gauge steel will keep the gun locked in its place effectively.

Besides, you are saving the kids from going through your stuff to find a gun when playing.

What We Like?

  • Small design for a single weapon storage
  • Super solid and thick steel for strength
  •  Lightweight
  • Accommodates universal holster inside
  •  Fast accessing mechanical combination lock

Keep in mind

  • Pricier than expected

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Under Bed Gun Safe

Those who already own similar under-bed safes know how vital it is to check into the invested product. There is the build quality, design, number of locking mechanism functions, accessibility, and so on.

Remind yourself that the sole reason you are willing to buy an under-bed gun safe is to hide the weapons from intruders. The five gun safes that you have read about now were gathered after a comprehensive study using this buying guide.

Please read it carefully and get what others least expect from you. Would it not be a sight to see the overconfident burglars ready to catch you off guard while you are the one to give them the nightmare for life?

Under Bed Gun Safe buying guide chart

1. Installation

Did you know most inexperienced under-bed gun safe owners had to deal with the stolen safe right under their noses? How was that possible? Suppose you are a deep sleeper. In that case, knowing that you have a gun safe under your bed with an electronic combination lock and more elevates your peace of mind.

However, you have missed out on a crucial point that includes thieves/intruders running off with the entire box, gaining access, using one of the guns later. Terrifying, right?

So, which feature should you look for before testing the bed safe for its quality? Mounting hardware. Do not even think about investing in an under-bed gun safe that does not incorporate this vital capability.

As you mount the safe to the floor underneath the bed, you minimize the first prioritized action any intruder will try to attempt.

2. Easy and Quick Access

One believes the complex code system is the safest way to put everything out of harm’s way. However, it can go sideways, and one might find it hard to remember the passcode.

Every second counts from the moment you sense someone broke into your house. The nervous mind can block even the simplest information during this dire moment.

Besides, the handgun you own is also in the under-bed gun safe you recently got. It does not help the quick access term when the time is ticking.

The best way to avoid such a situation is by opting for a biometric gun safe. Many brands even build similar gun safes using a digital programmable combination lock.

3. Build Material and Quality

You must ensure the overall under-bed safe is constructed from the finest and sturdiest material. The highly reliable manufacturers will always utilize the 14 gauge steel since it is the most durable in the long run.

Besides, what if you have more than one firearm? What if the burglar tries to get smart and aim for the structure instead of the locking system?

Consider these options when choosing the build quality. The solid steel construction may be bulky and heavy, but it will last long.

Other manufacturers use materials like anodized aluminum. They may not have the power of 14 gauge steel, but they will safeguard your weapons with equal quality.

4. Locking Mechanism

Here comes the most vital feature of the under-bed gun safe. Always go for the easy-to-operate locking system.

It is far quicker to gain access than a mechanical combination lock as you jump off the bed and aim for the safe. Even an electronic lock will be faster with a small code to press in.

Whether it is a portable gun safe or having a long gun stored inside, the point is to avoid processing through continual digit presses to crack open the gun safe in an emergency finally.

On the contrary, aim for the mechanical locks when storing numerous guns that are rarely taken out except for cleaning.

If you want my opinion, a biometric fingerprint lock is the best way to beat the time and the intruder at the same time.

5. Ensure Backup Locking Mechanism

Does that not mean the burglar will also try to look for the backup key? Technically, if only you know where and what kind it is, you are gaining the advantage once again.

Aside from that, there is a possibility of us forgetting the under-bed safe combination. We have to memorize so many passwords and codes anyway. If one slips up, there should always be a way to retrieve it without compromising security.

So, as most of us are familiar with an override key or a spare key, make sure you have yours handy. Do not forget to store a backup battery nearby in case of electronic keypads too.

6. Size and Capacity

This factor is parallel to the number of guns you own, the capacity under the bed. Go for a bed safe that you can quickly reach out to and have access to.

There are not many varieties to surf through in terms of under-bed gun safes. Remember, it is about stealthily concealing the horizontal safe under the bed.

But you can aim for gun safes that offer a size to fit your weapon collection. Hence, consider how many firearms you own when selecting the safe. Also, do you plan to add more to the small collection?

Ponder on that thought before buying a compact under-bed gun safe.

7. Weight

Do you live in an apartment where drilling on the floor is almost a nightmare? Think about those who live as tenants! Some cannot even ask permission from the landlord for fear of losing their place in the neighborhood.

A cumbersome gun safe can be the doom of maintenance in these conditions. However, you need to feel secure anyway.

So, pick the right model, possibly a lightweight gun safe that will not be a hindrance to carry upstairs to your room and install. If drilling is out of the question, make sure the unit comes with a security cable.

This form of tethering disables gun steals even if the bed safe is compact.

8. Brand Reliability

Never buy anything without doing thorough research. In fact, I recommend you to set up your own homework base after reading this article.

Independently consider when planning to buy under-bed gun safes. See what the reviews and the customers online have to say regarding the manufacturer.

Rely on the words that have been written with experiences. See the difference between company/brand competitors and their popularity in the gun industry.

Why Put A Gun Safe Under Your Bed?

The first question that may arise related to the under-bed gun safe is why under your bed of all places? You could hide it in the closet, some hidden storage on the bookshelf, garage, or a concealed safe behind a picture frame.

Think of all the possible places that you may have already seen in the movies/TV shows. Guess what – the intruder has probably watched them as well and knows precisely where to head first before approaching you.

As alarming as it sounds, at least the under-bed gun safe will give you the time to prep and gain quick access without exposing your secret vault. Thanks to the sturdy under-bed safe and its locking mechanism, you have the upper hand in protecting your family before they come to any harm.

So, if you own licensed firearms at home as a security enthusiast, the horizontal slide-out drawer or the under-the-bed gun safe should be your top priority to own. Forget stashing the guns anywhere but there.

The kids observe, and outsiders might often make notes – keep that in mind.

People Also Ask

1. Why do I need an under-bed gun safe if I can hide the weapon in the bedside drawer?

The intruder may tiptoe in the room before you could even open your eyes. Where would they look first?

No matter how small the pistol or the revolver you own, lock them in a safe hidden under the bed for better concealment. Plus, it will save some space from in the nightstand.

2. How reliable are these bed gun safes?

As long as the built quality and the locking system meets the premium standard of durability, they are the best.

You can choose a biometric fingerprint to mechanical lock according to your preference. The overall steel construction remains unbreakable even during a severe hit.

Still, do your homework on the model to fit under the bed frame before investing in it.

3. Should I bolt the gun safe to the floor under the bed?

It is safer to do that to prevent running off with the whole box. Most bed gun safes nowadays offer pre-drilled holes so that you can bolt them to the floor.

Your job is to ensure bolting them in a position that does not catch the eye of the stranger when walking into your room. In short, conceal and make it hard to steal.

4. Is security cable necessary?

It is very important for those who wish to keep the gun safe anchored to the bed frame when drilling floors is impossible.

The cable secures the box with a lock while using an anchor point to prevent the portability of the safe from under the bed.

5. Why hide the gun safe under the bed instead of anywhere else in the room?

Any home defense firearm or item should be within your hands reach to act quickly. It is highly unlikely that a person can get up in the dark during such a crisis and have the time to walk around the room to stumble on the closet or the wall safe.

Even if we tell ourselves that it will not happen to us, we should still prepare for various possible outcomes. Thus, bed gun safes are not only easy to reach for but also quicker to open and ready yourself for self-defense.

6. I cannot remember the passcode of the gun safe; what should I do?

Most under-bed gun safes have a key for backup. Try to remember where you have kept it.

It is the only way to reopen the safe without damaging it.

Furthermore, try to stay calm and best focus on other tasks as it often helps to recollect when least expected.

7. Is it important to look up the brand or company before purchasing its under-bed safe?

Yes, familiarize yourself with the product before purchasing it by doing the necessary homework. The research should include various remarks, good or bad, quality value, cost, number of years the company/brand has been active/popular, etc.

8. How many firearms can a bed gun safe store?

It depends on the size and design of the under-bed gun safes. Most gun safe companies manufacture different sizes of the same model.

On the other hand, a large bed safe may only hold a few valuables and a single long gun, whereas a medium-size one might have the capacity of three guns.

Always consider your collection before picking the right gun safe to keep under the bed.

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Closing Thoughts

Why do you need the Best Under Bed Gun Safe in the first place? It is for protection, avert accidental mishaps, and prevent leading them to the wrong hands.

Hence, the first product that has been caught amid the most frenzied gun-owning fanatics is the MonsterVault Low Profile Underbed Safe Proudly Made in the USA.

It is low profile, but with incredible power, it ensures all the valuables remain locked until you unlock it.

Similarly, the Moutec Under Bed Safe represents the sturdiness and reliability all gun owners prefer to obtain in the long run.

Although both equate in terms of build and advanced security systems, they are susceptible to fire and water. Beware the flood-prone regions.

Anyway, all five under-bed gun safes are superior to one another based on the users’ preferability. So choose wisely after an in-depth consideration. Good luck, folks!

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