Gun Safe Alternatives – 7 Common Gun Safes Knock-Off

Are your guns rusting in their respective safes, and do you need to save them at any cost? Or do you need something that will not look like a safe at all?

And if you are clueless, don’t worry; we have got you covered! Guns are useful when providing protection, but something needs protection themselves, and we have done enough research to figure out what will keep them secured.

Using our research knowledge, we have found the best gun-safe alternatives for you that are pretty common as well – and you should totally go through our reviews to see which one fits your needs.

In a rush! check out the hotlist below for the best Gun Safe Alternatives:

  • PACLOCK’s Job-Box-Lock Series Padlock (Job Box)
  • Dalmbox Small Car Gun-safe (Car Gun-safe)
  • Amazon Basics Small, Slim Desk Drawer Security Safe (Drawer Safe)
  • PINEWORLD Biometric Gun-safes (Pistol Safe)
  • INVIE Gun Locker with Handgun Lockbox (Gun Cabinet)
  • TESLYAR Gun Rack Wall Mount Hold Up (Wall Mount)
  • Sauder 419496 Miscellaneous Storage (Pantry)
Common Gun Safes Knock-Off

A Little about Alternatives for Gun-safe

Before you dive deeper into this article, you should know a little more about gun-safe alternatives before you get one of them.

An alternative to a gun-safe is anything that serves the purpose of a gun-safe but isn’t one exactly. It will contain a lock or keep the guns stored for safety.

An alternative can both be better or worse than the gun-safe itself, and it will most likely be less expensive. We have surely picked the better options, so get to the reviews already!

7 Gun safe Alternatives

If you have been searching for gun-safe alternatives for a long time, then you will be glad to come across our seven top picks. Please find out more regarding them in our comprehensive reviews.

PACLOCK’s Job-Box-Lock Series Padlock (Job Box)

Are you looking for a job site box gun-safe that will provide good value for money? While such gun-safe alternatives are pretty difficult to find, here is one that will give an outstanding performance while being totally worth your investment.

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If you find it very hassle-some to remember which key should be used for which lock, you will be grateful to have this. One key can be used for every lock in this product, making it rather versatile.

The product also ensures high security with its 6-pin cylinder that is bump-resistant. It will let you choose your own password among 2,800 choices.

To make sure the job box lock is sturdy, it comes with an excellent design. And along with the design, its stainless steel construction helps it remain durable.

Not to mention, the perfect length, width, and depth of the product will make sure you face no fitment issues whatsoever. With this lock, you can expect your guns to be absolutely safe.

Why Should You Get It?

Along with versatility, this job box lock provides impressive durability and convenience. You will be able to keep your guns safe without much hassle, and you will be able to use them for many other purposes as well.


  • Provides excellent value for money
  • One key can be used for every lock
  • Ensures high security
  • Durable, with superior design
  • Provides great fitment


  • Quite expensive
  • It only includes one lock

Dalmbox Small Car Gun-safe (Car Gun-safe)

To find one of the best alternatives to traditional gun-safe, you will have to look for sturdiness and security. Here’s an item that provides both, and we will be giving more insight regarding it right here.

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This is a lightweight gun-safe that you can use while traveling and is the best DIY car gun-safe – and its dimensions make it even more portable and convenient for the users.

The safe only weighs about 2.73 pounds, but don’t let its light body fool you. It will be providing top-notch durability, thanks to its carbon steel construction that will not give up easily.

What makes the item even more suitable for traveling is its sturdy cable that is wrapped in black sheathing. You will be able to loop it around the case and then bind it to another object.

Other than that, the combination lock system will make sure no one breaks through the case – be it a thief or your kids!

Why Should You Get It?

This gun-safe alternative provides utmost durability along with portability. You can take your valuables with you and keep them highly secure no matter where you go. Not to mention, its lightweight body makes everything easier.


  • Portable and convenient
  • Very lightweight
  • Sturdy construction for durability
  • Cable for extra protection
  • Combination lock for high security


  • The lock might break easily
  • Not very reliable

Amazon Basics Small, Slim Desk Drawer Security Safe (Drawer Safe)

To keep your guns safe and secure, you need a drawer gun safe that can be hidden easily. If you struggle to find one like that, consider yourself lucky because here is the one you need.

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This product will provide nothing but convenience with use. Even the programmable electronic keypad will ensure effortless operation for enhanced safety.

There is also a backup key included in case of emergencies and a small handle that will provide quick access to the door of the safe.

For extra security, it comes with concealed hinges that are pry-resistant along with double live door bolts. So, you can easily rely on this safe.

Not to mention, you can effortlessly mount the product to your drawer as well. The item comes with the required hardware and mounting holes for that purpose.

Why Should You Get It?

With a programmable electronic keypad, this drawer safe ensures the security of your guns. You will be able to hide it easily and rely on it without any hassle whatsoever.


  • Ensures effortless operation
  • Has a key for emergencies
  • Provides quick access
  • Offers extra security
  • It can easily be mounted to drawers


  • Quite heavy
  • Door slams – can cause accidents

PINEWORLD Biometric Gun-safes (Pistol Safe)

Among the compact alternatives to a gun-safe, this is one you can rely upon without any questions. It comes with all the features and aspects you need, and you will find that out right here.

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You can store around two handguns in this biometric gun safe, and it comes with a USB-C charger option for emergencies. Hence, you will face no inconvenience with it.

On the other hand, many options are provided for quick access — for instance, fingerprint reader, keypad lock, backup key, etc.

One of the best aspects of this product is that it can record more than 40 fingerprints. And you can unlock it from any direction you want without hassle.

The advanced technology integrated into this safe will also ensure complete security. You can set an alarm option and a virtual password to hide your actual password.

Why Should You Get It?

Along with advanced technology, this safe alternative comes with many options for quick access. Not to mention, this is one of the best compact alternatives – so you can store it easily.


  • Space for two handguns
  • Very sturdy and durable
  • Has options for quick access
  • Can record more than 40 fingerprints
  • Alarm and virtual password included


  • Difficult to get synced
  • Poor directions provided

INVIE Gun Locker with Handgun Lockbox (Gun Cabinet)

If you are in search of gun-safe options that will be easy to install as well as long-lasting, then you can call an end to your search – because your perfect gun-safe is right here.

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The item has already been assembled to install it on your wall or on the floor effortlessly. With ten mounting holes, you will face no hassle with the process.

So, there is no need to worry if you have never used a gun safe before because this one comes with simple instructions. You can easily follow those and program this.

Not to mention, you can also quickly access the safe with a pin code in case of emergencies. The backup keys can also be kept out in case the batteries die.

The gun-safe comes with extra security features. For instance, it contains steel construction with pry-resistant bars, active bolts, rugged hinges, and drill-resistant plates.

Why Should You Get It?

The safe alternative comes with extra security features and simple instructions, which will allow you to install it easily and keep your valuables safe effortlessly. You can also access it in emergencies, making it rather efficient.


  • It can be installed easily
  • Easy to program
  • Includes simple instructions
  • Has backup keys and quick access
  • Includes extra security features


  • Digital pads are not durable
  • Too small for shotgun barrels

TESLYAR Gun Rack Wall Mount Hold Up (Wall Mount)

Sometimes it is best to go for cheap gun-safe alternatives that can also add a beautiful ambiance to your place. And that is what you will be getting with this one – find out more right here.

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The wall mount comes in the perfect shape to hold your guns. Not to mention, its beautiful color will only enhance the outlook of your gun more.

This affordable gun-safe can hold both double barrel and single barrel guns, making it versatile and convenient for its users. Hence, with this, you can show off whichever gun you want.

The item comes with soft felt pads for maximum protection to ensure there are no scratches or spots on your precious guns.

You will be able to mount this durable item anywhere you want – making sure it is beyond the reach of your children to ensure safety.

Why Should You Get It?

If you want to store your guns while enhancing your ambiance, you will love this beautiful wall mount with hardwood construction. Thanks to its soft felt pads, it will also keep the guns free of scratches and spots.


  • Ensures a beautiful ambiance
  • It perfectly holds every gun
  • Suitable for both single and double barrels
  • The soft felt pads prevent scratches and spots
  • Durable and safe


  • It does not include hardware
  • Wood might chip

Sauder 419496 Miscellaneous Storage (Pantry)

It can be difficult to find gun-safe alternatives with sufficient storage capacity. However, this will provide more than enough capacity so you will be able to store all your guns – and much more.

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The item comes with four adjusted shelves to make sure you can organize your guns however you want. Hence, you will always find your guns where you need them to be.

The unique cinnamon cherry finish of the pantry makes it go well with every interior. So, it will look like just another closet in your room.

Despite being big, the product is really lightweight. As a result, you will not face any hassle whatsoever while moving it around for setup.

The cabinet lock of the item will keep your valuables safe –make sure to keep the keys with you all the time and try not to lose them.

Why Should You Get It?

Who doesn’t want a lightweight gun-safe alternative with a large storage capacity? You will be able to use this to store other valuables, making this item rather versatile and convenient.


  • Has sufficient storage capacity
  • You can organize your valuables well
  • It goes with every interior
  • Very lightweight for easy moving
  • Lock ensures security


  • Gets warped easily
  • Not durable

8 Things to Look for Before Buying Gun Safe Alternatives

8 Things to Look for Before Buying Gun Safe Alternatives

Guns are valuable assets that should not be taken lightly – quite literally. And hence, there is a lot of thought that you will have to put in the process of storing them.

If you are thinking about getting alternatives to gun safes, there are even more aspects to focus on. Without proper consideration of the key factors, you might end up getting the wrong product.

To make sure you make no mistakes in the process, we have made a buying guide for you that will surely help you out if you adhere to it. Go through the factors, and you will be satisfied with your purchase.

1. Construction

The construction of an alternative will determine how sturdy and durable it is – and that plays an important role in the safety of your assets.

Try to go for steel. And if you want to go for wooden alternatives, the best option would be hardwood.

2. Size

Another critical aspect to consider is the size of the alternative. This factor will be determined by the number of guns you will store and their sizes.

So, please focus on the safes’ storage capacity and their dimensions.

3. Portability

If you think you will have to travel with your safe alternative quite a lot, it is essential to focus on its portability.

For that, you will have to check how much the safe weigh, along with whether it comes with a handle or not for the purpose.

4. Lock type

The most important aspect when buying an alternative for your gun safe is the type of lock that it contains. Usually, biometric and combination locks are the best ones to choose.

5. Color

Unless you care about how the safe alternative fits your interior, it is not important to look at the color of the safe.

However, black and brown are standard colors in this regard.

6. Stealth

If you feel the need to hide your gun-safe alternative, which you most probably will, you will also have to check how well it can be hidden.

Many alternatives can be hidden under the bed, behind the walls, or on the drawers, or they can be mere disguises of cabinets.

7. Quick Access and Backup

It is pretty common to be locked out of a gun case – and for those cases, a backup is quite important. So, you will have to check if your chosen alternative offers that.

On the other hand, you might need to access your gun case fast, and in those circumstances, quick access is necessary.

8. Worth the Investment Or Not?

Some gun-safe alternatives may look very fancy and competent, but they may not live up to your expectations and vice versa. That is why it is vital to analyze if a particular item will be worth your investment.

Make a reasonable budget first and then look accordingly; go through reviews, and that will help you analyze if the product is worth the money.

People Also Ask

What can be an alternative to gun-safe?

There are various alternatives to gun-safe. For instance, you can use a hidden cabinet that is behind a wall, or you can also install a gun rack behind a mirror. You can surely use a lot of gun-safe ideas for storing your guns.

Can I make a DIY gun safe?

If you want to make a DIY gun safe, it will require much work and knowledge. However, it is not impossible, and you can surely pull it off with the correct method and materials.

Can guns rust in alternatives of gun-safe?

Guns seem to rust and corrode in gun safes; their alternatives are not supposed to be very different. Hence, you will have to expect them to gradually rust after storing them.

Can an alternative of gun-safe provide enough security?

That depends on the type of lock and backups included in the alternative. At the same time, you will also have to check if the locks are durable.

What should a gun-safe alternative be made of?

In most cases, gun-safe alternatives have to be made of sturdy materials such as metal or alloy steel in general.

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Closing Thoughts

We are a fan of all the Gun Safe Alternatives mentioned here, but the ones that won our hearts the most were PACLOCK’s Job-Box-Lock Series Padlock and Dalmbox Small Car Gun-safe.

The former is undoubtedly the best of them all, and the latter will ensure durability like none other. We hope you have found the one that best suits your preferences.

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