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How Much Does a Fishing License Cost



How Much Does a Fishing License Cost

Fishing for many people is more than a hobby; it’s a way of life. They enjoy the serenity and peace that comes with fishing. It provides a great escape from the fast-paced life. However, before you pack your tackle and head out to your favorite spot, you must know about fishing licenses. Different states have different laws for fishing licenses, but the basic rule is that you must have a license to fish legally.

In this blog, we will discuss how much a fishing license costs in different states.

  • Alabama: If you’re planning to fish in Alabama, the fishing license fee starts at $13.50 for a freshwater license. The saltwater license costs $23.00, and the all-water license costs $30.00.
  • California: To get a California fishing license, you need to pay $51.02 for a resident license and $143.89 for a non-resident license. If you’re over 65, you’ll pay $7.73 for a resident license.
  • Florida: Florida offers a few options based on requirements. You need to pay $17 for a freshwater license, $47 for a saltwater license, and $32 for a combination license. The 64+ age people need to pay $13.50 for a freshwater license, while the disabled pay $3.
  • Michigan: Michigan residents can get a $26 or $36 license, depending on the time period for which it’s valid. Non-residents have to pay $76 for a 10-day license and $266 for an annual license.


Getting a fishing license is important if you want to fish legally. The cost of fishing licenses varies from state to state and depends on factors such as residency, age, and length of validity. The above five states’ costs provide an idea of what you might pay to secure your license. We recommend checking with the local regulations to confirm the fees and requirements because they can change frequently.

So, before you plan your next fishing trip, get your license and ensure you’re following all the rules. Enjoy the serenity and peace of fishing, away from the hustle and bustle!

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