How to Clean a Bore Snake | Beginners Guide

Firearms perform for a long period when cleaned properly, taken care of and maintained in good condition. A bore snake is used to wash guns’ barrels. A bore snake fails to maintain its cleanliness because some of its parts might get carbon fiber, rust, lubricant of dirt. In order to clean them perfectly, you need to have the bore snake cleaned. Cleaning a bore snake can be made easily by use of either hands or by machine.

Though cleaning a bore snake is simple, it is important to note some key pointers when cleaning so as to ensure gun safety when using your snake again. I am going to give a simple guide on how to clean a bore snake that will help you to achieve excellent cleanliness.

Bore snake cleaning kit

The kit comprises of:

  • The bore snake
  • Lubricating oil
  • A solvent
  • Pulling tool
  • Weather guard cloths

4 ways to Use a Bore Snake by Use of Hand

There are several steps to follow on how to wash a bore snake by hands. These include:

1. Soak the bore snake in water

By using a sink, container or a bucket, put water and then add a small number of spoons of washing detergent to make it foamy. Soak your bore snake in the soapy water for more than 20 minutes.

If your bore snake is very dirty or greasy, then you should soak it for 30 to about 40 minutes.

2. Wash, brush and rinse the cord using your hands.

  • Curl the bore snake to remove any oil and dirt
  • Use a dispose of toothbrush to wash the plaited floss part of the snake.
  • Scrub the bronze snake brush slowly
  • Lastly, rinse the snake thoroughly until all the soap is gone.

3. Squeeze the excess water out

By using your ideal hand, squeeze the water out tenderly from peak to base till you arrive at the snake brush. Carry on in a similar way for the other part of the bore snake.

4. Part dry and air dry it

Using a dry clean cloth, pat the bore snake down to dry it. Drive out as much water as you can. Hang it on a line or a clothes hanger using tight clothes pegs then leave it to dry.

how to clean a bore snake

cleaning bore snake using Machine Washing

Follow the simple guide below to clean your bore snake with a machine.

1. Place your bore snake in a bag

Put the bore in a small pillowcase or a wash bag and after that bind it firmly. You can use a light-colored cord that is safe for the machine or a white shoelace to tie the bore snake.

Ensure you first remove the snake’s pull cord before putting the snake in the machine. This is because the cord will get tightened while washing and which will result in cutting off the cord after finishing.

2. Prepare the washing machine

Set the cleaning machine to low power with a little load. Fill the washer with water then add some few spoons of washing detergent. Turn off the tap when water fills.

3. Put your bore snake in the washer

Allow the bore to soak for about 15 to 20 minutes if it is not so dirty. If the bore snake is very dirty, let it stay up to 30 to 40 minutes in the soapy water.

Allow the washing machine to do the rest then air-dry the snake.

When the soaking time ends, turn on the machine to do the cleaning and to air dry it. After that, remove your bore snake out, untie the bag and hang it on the hanger with pegs.

How Often To Clean a Bore Snake?

You should not wash your bore snake several times. This is because the material can depreciate making the lesser quality bore snakes to break off. A snake was planned to be a convenient piece of equipment to remove dirt from a gun in the ground and was not made to be disposed of after every use.

However, using a snake for a very long time can make it break off inside the bore. This makes it so difficult to remove it since there are no suggested methods on how to unstick a snake from a bore.

How To Use Bore Cleaner?

A bore snake comprises of four sections. These include:

Bore brush: has bronze bristles entrenched in the rope to loosen tough deposits.

Brass weight: slides easily through the barrel to grasp and pull clean the cord in the bore. It is stamped for identification of gauge or caliber.

First floss area: it removes foreign materials previous to scrubbing off the brush.

Main floss area: it offers more surface area for cleaning.

There following are the steps on how to use a bore snake;

  1. Confirm that the bore is clear, with no magazine and not anything in the chamber. Always double-check this.
  2. Take a preferred solvent for cleaning the gun solvent and spray on the bronze bristles
  3. Hold the end of the snake with the brass weight and put it in the barrel until the solvent and the bronze bristles come in contact.
  4. Once in contact, the bore snake will give you some resistance
  5. Pull the snake with the little force needed. In case your snake’s size is the same as the barrel’s you will be required to add more force to slide it through.
  6. The main floss part at the end of the bronze brush gets out with ease and helps in get rid of the carbon that was eliminated from the solvent and brush.
  7. Lastly, observe the barrel, it should look like a polished mirror.

before you go

If you want your gun to serve you good, then you must keep it good. Cleaning your bore with a bore snake gives you excellent results. Make sure you follow keenly the steps of cleaning your snake so that when using it will be free of carbon and other dirt particles. Companies have recently produced quality and advanced bore snakes that clean easily and perfectly. Get yourself one.