How To Clean A Scope Lens Like An Expert? [Easy Guide]

Keeping one’s scope lens clean is an essential part of error-free shooting. However, in some cases, we are all blameworthy for overlooking our customary scope maintenance. There are lots of hunters and gun owners out there Who are too sensitive to taking care of their guns and rifles.

But most of them are less aware of rifles’ scope. While using any instrument, you need to respect each part of it. To accurate shooting, taking good care of the scope lens is equally crucial as guns or rifles.

Cleaning any scope lens, there are several practices. For example, it is using one’s shirttails. But it is a way wrong approach to attempt. Because it is not intended for lenses and it contains rough, that will scratch your coatings.

Instead of using shirttails, someone may prefer a handkerchief, or someone may induce using their sleeves to wipe off. Even one may use spray cleaners on the lenses. But using spray cleaners directly on the screen may damage the glass.

So, none of them are preferable. These are the most popular practices in our regular life, but one should not attempt any of these.

Apart from the mentioned practices, there are more ways to clean one’s rifle scope. So, in this article, we will tell you how to clean the scope lens without damaging it. These tips are helpful and straightforward so that you can hit your target. ‘Hit the Target’ is the main reason to bring your scope, right?

How To Clean Rifle Scope Lens Without Damaging It?

It’s essential to check the manufacturer’s guidelines before cleaning a scope lens. I know the maximum lens is the same. But it depends in some cases which type of cloth or gadget you will need to clean the glass. Because some lens is so sensitive. Otherwise, if you use another kind of stuff, then there is a chance to lose your scope warranty.

Essential Scope Cleaning tools.

Here are the scope lens cleaning kits that you must buy. You can quickly get this stuff from a nearby shop.

  • Lens Pen.
  • Brush
  • Microfiber Fabric.
  • Liquid Spray
  • Lens Paper.
  • Premium Tissue.
  • Blower

Before starting again, read which type of lens cleaner is suggested by your brands.

Step By Step Guide To Clean Your Rifle Scope Lens.

  • At first, understand which type of dirt gathers on your rifle scope. If your lenses are wet, then give some time to dry those. Don’t rub those when wet. After drying naturally, use canned air to remove the dirt from over the lens.
  • Provided that, the canned air would not do the perfect work. Take a microfiber cloth and pick up the trash from the glass. Don’t sub those if you don’t need it.
  • When those upper two methods failed. Then use an air bluster and a soft brush to clean the lens.
  • Never use a compressed air instead of air blaster. You should wait until you can manage an air blaster. Because it will be so harmful for your lens.
  • Use your brush to remove the dust from the glass. The wait for a while and use air blaster to eliminated those dust. 
  • When there are smudges of oil and also fingerprints on your lens then you should not use lens cleaning solution.
  • Don’t use a low-quality lens cleaning solution; it would damage your lens. Before applying that solution, just remove the dust with an air blower.
  • Clean the lens. Just apply a gentle pressure using a circular motion. Start from the center of each lens and go outward slowly. 

Note: Make sure that if there are smudges and no saliva. Just use a proper cleaner. 

How To Clean Smudge From Your Rifle Scope Lens?

How To Clean Rifle Scope Lens Without Damaging It

One of the best ways to remove this using alcohol with a cotton swab. You just need a little amount of it, no need a ton. When you use too much of it, you will lose your warranty. 

Here is the full explanation of how you can use all the gadgets correctly.

1. Dust Off Your Lens

Try to use a ‘brush’ to clean the dust. Utilize a delicate brush that accompanies your extension. In the event, if you don’t have one, you can still get it from a nearby store. After having one use it gently and try to remove that dirt from the lens smoothly.

2. Spray Cleaner

There are a lot of excellent lens cleaners and hostile to mist arrangements available. Ensure that you do not use any household cleaners that contain detergent. If your used soap contains detergent or ammonia, then there is a strong chance of lens damage. 

It is also important not to use spray directly onto the screen (as I mentioned earlier). A much decent option is to spray the cleaner onto a Q-tip and then use it to clean the glass.

3. Use a Blower

The most simple and easiest way to how to clean scope lenses is by using a blower. This is straightforward and expels most of the dust, leaves, mud, grass from the range and keeps away from fingerprints too. But the freest advice would be,” Do not use your mouth” instead of the blower.

4. Use Microfiber Fabric

At times only a brisk brush is not sufficient enough to dispose of eyelash oil smears, fingerprints, dried watermarks on the lens, and all those imprints that require a little more real effort. 

Engraving may also react to reduce the visibility and clarity of your scope. To avoid these smudges, you need to take a microfiber hanky.

Even paper towels and tissues are not suitable for cleaning your scope lens. Because either because they are a piece excessively unpleasant and could scratch the covering on your focal point.

Exceptionally structured microfiber fabrics wipe smears and oils off of the scope lens without abandoning scratches or cotton filaments.

So, a delicate and thick microfiber napkin is our proposal. Utilize such sort of cleaning material to wipe away the blotches and smears from your rifle scope. Aside from this, the texture is likewise compelling to dispose of secondary particles from the scope lens.

5. Use a Lens Pen

Lens Pen is altered and fabricated, particularly for the focal points. So surely it is more straightforward just as more decent for cleaning your rifle scope than standard brushes. The conventional brushes are not as delicate as it.

On the off chance that you utilize a regular brush as opposed to using a lens, it can leave such a significant number of minor scratches superficially. So, you need to take a lens pen or delicate brush like it.

You can brush off quickly with the pen from the edge to the scope lens of the degree. Make circle movement and swipe away any sort of little particle from the surface.

Additionally, a lens pen usually has a non-liquid cleaning exacerbate that can generally deal with these intense to clean spots. On the far edge of the tidying brush is a small-scale fiber chamois that can get into nooks where the scope lens meets the scope lodging.

6. Premium Grade Gun Tissue

Sometimes substantial water spots can get fixed roughly on the surface of the glass, and sometimes it may seem like removal. 

In these circumstances, you may think to attempt to fix it with the assistance of conventional clothes. But this is not the ideal and proper way to deal with the situation. This type of attempt will kill your time and not going to help you to get rid of the problem.

Using premium-grade gun tissue gently on the lens may help you clean this kind of dirt. But there are some methods. You cannot start the cleaning process from anywhere on the lens surface. You must begin to is from the middle, and then relatively go to the edge. While doing this task, the essential note will be,” Do this task cautiously.”

Another important notable point is that on the off chance that you utilize any anti-fog focal point cleaner, do not let it dry rapidly so that you can oppose this liquid to leave any surplus on the outside of your scope. On the off chance, you go for a rapid dry detailing. It may occur in adverse outcomes.


Most of the time, we pay attention to the guns or rifles, and most of us usually overlook our scope’s proper maintenance while maintenance of your gun/rifles scope is not that hard nut to crack.

However, we should remember that a clean scope is also significant and valuable to guarantee a fruitful shot. If your gun scope is well maintained as well as your guns, then maybe one day, you may become a professional shooter.

To keep a habit of scope cleaning, in this article, we tried to deliver every aspect of how you can easily clean and protect your gun scope without damaging it.


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