How To Move A Gun Safe Without Damaging? [Explained]

It is evident, your weapons are essential things to you, and you have to make them settled, and a firearm safe will assist you with that. It is okay to have a gun safe to secure your firearm. 

Some gun safes are smaller in size and can be moved reasonably quickly, but others are very tall or bulky size in the estimate and gauge a few hundred pounds.

What if your gun safe is more significant in size, and what if you need to relocate it from one place to another? 

Shifting heavy stuff always demands additional alert and well-being measures. It is not an easy task in light of its massive size and weight.

Regardless of whether you are shipping your safe to an alternate area of the house or moving the nation over, moving a substantial item around with or without your things inside it can be an overwhelming task, particularly when stairs are included.

Be that as it may, gun safes are incredibly substantial, and shifting them requires some cautious arranging. With regards to changing a gun safe, you will have to design as needs to be, because moving a gun safe can be a tough proposition on the off chance that you don’t plan.

Quite Frightening, Right?

Do not worry, because we got you covered. In this article, we will try to provide you with some step tips or instructions so that you how to move a gun safe decently.

Basic Idea About Your Safety

Likewise, with everything that is required to fit in your house, you need to ascertain the size. You must need to know the dimensions of the space that you have held for your gun safe, and you must have that much idea of how much area your safe may consume.

To gather these ideas, you must have basic knowledge about your safety. For example, knowledge about the weight, height, and width of your safe. 

Contact the store or maker, and they ought to be more than ready to assist you with this data. After collecting this information, you have some other things to figure out.

At first, you need to measure the size of your door/entryways, because you must assure will the size fits through the entryways. So, try to make a pre-plan your course and measure the entryways or any tight spots so you will know whether you can pass the safe through thin spaces.

The next concerning thing is stairs, try to understand will the width of your safe going to be adjustable through it.

The very next thing you need to find out, would you be able to deal with the weight, if you can then okay, if not then how many individuals you might need.

These are the very first things to figure out once you determine to shift your safe elsewhere.

1. Unload Your Safe

Try not to move when your safe is fully loaded. If you do not void your safe, there is a likelihood that, on the off chance that you drop your safe or any other incident happens during shifting then your damage may go beyond repair. Somebody even can get seriously injured, and this can indicate your costs and stress.

So always try to ensure your gun safe is discharged before attempting any move. There are some massive merits such as making the safe less bulky, it will prevent harm in the event of a drop. So be more secure and never move loaded weapons whether they’re inside or outside of the safe.

2. Draw A Plan

While moving a gun safe, there are several types of incidents that may occur, and these should be represented in the arranging stage. There may have tight corners, tiny passages, small entryways. 

These barriers can make your safe moving troublesome. So, you must have a plan from where to begin, how to start, and finally where to locate.

Try not to rush, think two strides ahead, so you don’t get trapped in a precarious circumstance and cost it harm to your home or safe. Keep tight corners, stairs, and any problematic halls at the top of the priority list while moving your safe.

Check to ensure that the exit way is clear and liberated from any impediments.

Then guide out the whole course from the current spot of the safe to the anticipating moving truck.

3. Get The Right Shifting Equipment’s

While moving a safe having appropriate gear can be the contrast between a decent and dangerous move. At first, try to lease a moving dolly from the nearby moving company. 

Consult your protected documentation or look up your safe’s characteristics on the web, as long as you most likely are aware of its image and model, you will be fine.

Buy or lease solid supporting ropes to tie the stuff. Besides these, you may need other helping equipment like thick gloves, safety straps, a truck to load, and other necessary equipment such as a stair climbing dolly.

While collecting assisting materials, our suggestion would be, always try to land or buy the best equipment to ensure that your move goes decently.

How To Move A Gun Safe With A Dolly?

A cutting-edge furniture dolly is a bit of necessary hardware for moving substantial things simpler. They are not that costly and, in the event, that you know somebody has one, you can attempt to obtain one from them.

The principal thing you need to make a note of is the weight of the safe and the weight limit of your dolly. A lot of the time you presumably utilized a dolly to move somewhat substantial, yet not very overwhelming, something like a wooden chair or table.

To know dolly’s weight capacity, you may take help from a manual or need to collect information from the manufacturer and, then you can make a rough estimate. You are stacking an overwhelming gun safe onto a dolly not that hard task to do from the outset. 

There ought to be some space under the safe where you can slide the dolly under. It will help immensely when moving across a flat surface. Likewise, use ropes or any supporting lashes to guard the weapon set up on the dolly.

1. Professional Help

Well, this step may cost you financially. But if you are willing to pay to move your stuff safely, then there are stunning advantages to procuring an expert trucking company. 

The very first advantage is they are experienced, they are experts in moving objects from one place to another, they know how to deal with your stuff, as well as navigating any potential obstacles, such as stairs and challenging doorways.

There are other advantages of taking help from experts such as, the limited danger of harm to your property, quick-exertion free claim to fame moving of vast and overwhelming stuff, and permitting you an opportunity to concentrate on progressively significant activities.

2. Get Help From People Around You

A helper can be anyone. It can be friends, colleagues, relatives, neighbors. It is way harsh if someone tries alone. Having a gathering of 3 or 4 individuals to move guns safely can make life significantly more straightforward. 

Rather than taking help, it would be unwise if you alone try to shift safe on your own. 

It can dig the risk of causing yourself a bad injury or even may damage your safe. So, this is not a task you should take on alone. Make sure to survey precisely how significant your safe is, and what number of individuals it will take to move it. 

If you are going to need to move it in an especially awkward spot, make a point to get the correct assistance.

How To Move A Gun Safe Up And Downstairs?

When stairs were involved, things went way complicated while shifting a safe. Sometimes move becomes even more robust and dangerous when you need to go up a flight of stairs. 

But you can turn this complicated thing into a way comfortable once you figure out these questions answer, such as dimensions of the safe, its weight (as I mentioned earlier), and the details about stairs.

There are lots of dolly’s that are designed to ascend and descend stairs with hefty loads. There are several types of lifting dolly such as ‘Power stair climber’, ‘Power tailgate lift’, ‘Four-wheel dolly’, ‘Dock and curb leveler’. 

Once you find out the details about your safety and stairs, then you quickly can identify which types of dolly do you going to need. In the staircase, you might need help from 2 or 3 individuals. With help, you can shift your safe with a systematic process as follows:

Tilt the dolly back to equally distributed weight onto the wheels. Then cautiously and gradually wheel the safe of your stairs. As you direct the safe up the stairs, two or three individuals should lift the dooly slowly and carefully on the off chance that you are identifying a non-stair climbing dolly for moving your safe.

If you have a machinery stair climbing dolly, any of the individuals can help consistent the gun safe as you control it up the stairs.

If you hire a professional, then they can do it quickly once they identify your stair type. 

Using stair dolly, they can put the safe right down the stairs. Down the stairs gives you the ability to anchor into a slab in the floor. In the of moving safe upstairs ‘stair climber dolly’ would be a great help.

Bonus Tips

Even after following these steps, there are some other essential things you need to look after while shifting. One is, ensure that the doors of the safe are shut and bolted because it’s accidental opening during shifting time can cost irreparable property harm or lead to individual wounds.

Another is, wrap thick furniture fabrics or old towels around the whole body of the safe, at that time use pressing tape or stretch wrap to keep the covers positioned. Along these, you will give enough padding for the safe that will genuinely be shielded from unintentional hits during the move.


Moving a heavy safe is a difficult task. But with the right equipment, decent help, and taking proper steps may make this task fruitful. During safe shifting, you also have to be concerned about your safety. It is a must. 

The safety of you, your companions, and some other individuals that might be around should be the top concern. Well-being is much essential than your safe. 

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