How To Open Stack On Gun Safe Without Key? (10 Proven Method)

People still find it important to keep their firearms in a secure place, where they are protected from unauthorized use and theft.

Gun safes are designed to keep firearms secure and away from prying eyes. It is a good practice to lock up your guns and other valuable property when you are not using them.

The majority of gun safes come with a key that needs to be accessed in order to open the safe.

It is important to understand that no one can get into it if you do not have the key to open your gun safe.

However, if you can’t access the key, it may be difficult to open your gun safe without breaking into it or using another method.

To open your stack on the gun safe without a key, you can consider using different methods, including drilling holes into the lock with an electric drill, using a hammer, pin tip, master key, and many more.

Here are some tips on how to open a Stack-On gun safe without a key so that you can get your gun back faster than ever before.

How To Open Stack On Gun Safe Without the Key

What Is A Stack-On Gun Safe?

Stack-On is among the most popular brands in home security. They offer a wide selection of bank-grade hardened steel gun safes with an affordable price tag.

So, if you’re looking to invest in one that will reliably keep your firearms secure, then Stack-On is the way to go! You will get-

  1. The ultimate protection for your guns and valuables.
  2. Protecting you from theft, fire, water, and more.
  3. Stack On – the security experts.
  4. Unbeatable Security with Stack-On.

How To Open Stack On Gun Safe Without Key (10 methods)

Breaking one of these locks isn’t as complicated as several websites may suggest; however, how you do it depends on the construction of the safe your gun is locked in.

Some safes will offer keyless entry mechanisms like electric locks; others, an accessible internal locking mechanism (typically concealed by a lever or buttons) may make getting into your own property easy!

This all depends on how you’ve chosen to lock up this dearest possession.

1. Opening Your Stack-On Gun Safe By Bouncing or Dropping It

This method is a good way to access a gun safe if you can’t get the key. When opening your stack-on gun safe with this technique, try not to end up cracking the gun safe open on top of something that could damage it further.

This method will take some time and effort, especially because there are usually extra locks in place on more secure safes designed for professional thieves using metal detectors or muscle-powered thieves who may want to bust open a gun safe.

So if you decide to try this method without knowing your purpose, then it is possible that you will end up wasting more time and money trying this crazy idea before giving up on the hope of opening your expensive gun safe in one piece!

2. Opening Your Stack-On Gun Safe with Dynamite

If there are certain guns inside the tough-to-open safe who feel angry by now after they have been confined for more than a few years, then explosives can be used to blow your safe wide open.

Of course, you should only do this if there are no small children or others nearby because live dynamite has its consequences—including harming people!

3. By Using Master Key

Using Master Key

If none of the previous techniques worked for you, and it is clear that you will never get the key to your gun safe out of someone else’s hands, then you could consider getting a master key.

Now, this option probably doesn’t apply if there is only one person who keeps the guns at home, and it would be nearly impossible for her or him to lose any keys.

If it does work, though, then try jiggling either end of the key on both locks; this will make the second lock open.

4. By using a spoon

The most obvious way to open your gun safe is not by breaking into it or stealing the key, but by using a spoon – which doesn’t have nearly as much force behind it compared to one of those metal tools recommended above!

Go ahead try this method out with an old soup ladle and check the entire lock mechanism up top before you resort to something more powerful!

5. By Using a hammer

Another effective way to open a gun safe is by using another hammer—only this time, instead of hitting it against the combination lock, you will have to put your power into every single cog that makes the door operate.

It will not only take a lot of force to open the gun safe by this method, but you may end up causing mechanical damage as well!

This could be very dangerous as well—stretching those springs inside the mechanism over time to breaking point, damaging them permanently in the process.

Also, if you manage to get into the gun safe and remove all of your guns this way, there is a very high chance that the lock will be unreadable for good!

6. Bringing in hired professionals

Many solutions can be employed if the recommended tricks previously mentioned don’t work for you! Hiring someone with full expertise on these matters should cost less than $50 per hour.

You can get alternative keys from a locksmith that have been marked down because of their old age. Those who keep this aside will find themselves being able to open many locks with very little effort!

There are many other ways locksmiths can help people—and they’re not limited to just making keys for safes!

Locksmiths not only make keys for safes; they’re also the best people to contact in case of locks that are mechanically damaged or which need repairing.

They can help you fix mismatched door latches, replace broken springs and break-in systems, install new electronic locking mechanisms with keyless entry features, among many other things!

Also, if your lock is jammed or you can’t get into your gun safe easily, then it’s time for a locksmith to unlock it!

7. Opening a Stack-On Safe by Bypassing lock

by Bypassing lock

Though these methods should work for an average user, people who’ve collected guns for a long period of time—or employ safety warnings on all safety devices in the home—will often note that simply drilling the safe’s dial isn’t the only way to get in!

The simplest method for someone to get into a gun safe is by bypassing the combination lock altogether and going straight for the hinge screws.

8. By drilling

By drilling

This is the easiest and most common way for burglars to open many safes. This can be easily accomplished by drilling through the lock box’s dial after removing it from its hinges, followed by escape!

The holes created with such a method will allow professional tools like gun removal kits that come equipped with pry bars and punching blocks to work perfectly well (since they’ll fit into your safe’s coupling points!).

9. By Electronic Safe Combination Override

This device can be put into place with minimal to no surface damage! They have the ability to open most safes in under 100 seconds easily.

However, they do not work perfectly on guns that are placed sideways or upside down without an easy way for them to read their combination!

10. by Hydraulic Jaws

This method allows you full access to your safe without either damaging its mechanism—or even getting hand injuries!

The jaws get wedged directly against the lock plate and hold it securely while allowing your hands inside.

Also, this is actually one of many methods that locksmiths will employ to gain access to your valuable firearms.

How Does Stack-On Compare To Other Gun Safes Brands?

1. Security Weights:

Stack-On’s Security Safe can weigh anywhere from 400 lbs. to 1,100+lbs. While most gun safes can hold at least 300 lbs. Some variants weigh over 800 pounds!

So, you might need two hands—and maybe some help—to move this safe even moderately easily!

If security is your top concern with choosing a new gun safe, then look no further than Stack-On for its incomparable weight capacity.

2. Fire Resistance:

Stack-On’s Security Safe can be fire resistant up to 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit for over an hour. This higher-than-average temperature is equivalent to the challenge of burning paper in a fireplace.

Of course, it might not stay at this scorching hot amount—but there are definitely no worries about your valuables being burnt when they’re inside the polished steel casing!

3. Reinforced Steel Shell:

Just like every Stack-On Gun Safe, the Security Safe comes with a steel shell and door designed to fend off lock breakers.

4. Interior Circulation:

This safe can move enough air to operate using a fan and filter system in the enclosure, making it quite easy for you to cut your heating and cooling costs down (if any) by preventing heat from ruining sensitive items inside!

Most reviewers consistently state they’ve never had sweaty fingerprints or coolant “dripping” on their valuables within this Stack-On Gun Safe.

5. Modular Design:

The Stack-On gun safe is literally one of the most modular storage units sold today—with multiple options to customize it how you want!

Sure there are some that have added extra features into theirs that might be great for others, but just remember they’re not cheap. Those models with an additional / more added ability/dimension will likely raise your price tag even higher than what this particular safe sells for!

How Do You Open An Electronic Safe With A Dead Battery And No Key?

  • Opening the Safe Using paper clip: A paper clip with a hook on end will allow you to open an electronic safe quicker and easier. However, this method is illegal in some areas – so always be careful before using it!
  • Opening the Safe neodymium magnet: This is another safe hacking tool that allows you full access to your safe without any risks!
  • Opening the Safe Using solenoid: With this method, your safe is opened via the use of a solenoid opener. This requires two electric parts to be inserted into each other inside your gun safe.
  • Opening a Gun Safe by pulling it apart: The secret trick does not require any specialized tools but only sheer brute force power to open up all kinds of safes that can resist most conventional methods for opening up guns without damaging its mechanism completely!

How Do You Open A Digital Safe With A Dead Battery?

The key to opening a digital safe is not just the correct combination. The correct combination can be any combination of numbers.

If you have a dead battery, you need to use another means to open the safe. You can use other methods that are not as effective but will work.

For example, if you have a digital safe that has a lock that you can open with a key, you can use a screwdriver or other tool to pry the lock off the hinges.

There is another method you can still open with this trick.-

  1. First, remove the battery from the digital safe.
  2. Then connect the battery to the digital safe and leave it for about 15 minutes.
  3. After 15 minutes, disconnect the battery from the digital safe and insert it back into your digital safe.
  4. Now, turn on the digital safe and insert your PIN code.

You will be able to open your digital safe without a key.

Final Thought

The method we provide in this article is the best way to open a safe without a key. However, we can’t guarantee that it will work for you. You can open a safe without a key if you have a good plan.

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