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How to Use a Camping Coffee Percolator



How to Use a Camping Coffee Percolator

Camping trips are incomplete without a warm cup of coffee to start your day. While coffee machines are a luxury at home, it’s not the same for a camping trip. You could argue that it’s even better outdoors where you can brew your cup of Joe over a campfire. That’s where a camping coffee percolator comes in handy. However, if you’re a beginner, the idea of using a percolator might seem daunting.

Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered with this ultimate guide on how to use a camping coffee percolator.

1. Clean the Percolator

The first step before using a coffee percolator is to clean it thoroughly. Rinse it with warm water and soap. Run your fingers over the inside surface to ensure that all the oils and residue from the earlier coffee are removed. If you’re camping in a forest area, we recommend boiling a pot of water and rinsing the pot again with hot water before making coffee.

2. Add Water

Next, fill up the percolator with water. The amount of water depends on the percolator’s capacity and the quantity of coffee you’ll be brewing. It’s best to read the instructions given by the manufacturer for the precise measurements. However, a standard rule of thumb is one tablespoon of coffee for every six fluid ounces of water.

3. Add the Coffee

Once the water is added, fill up the coffee chamber with ground coffee. You could use pre-ground coffee or grind your beans depending on your preference. Ensure that the coffee is fresh and doesn’t have any visible clumps. Spread it evenly to ensure that the coffee gets brewed efficiently.

4. Percolate

Place the percolator on the stovetop or the campfire, depending on the type you have. Heat the water until it boils and allow it to percolate. Remember, the percolator’s purpose is to circulate water through the coffee grounds several times to extract the flavor. When it stops percolating, your coffee is ready.

5. Serve and Enjoy

Once the percolation process is complete, remove the percolator from the heat source. Allow the coffee to cool for a minute or two before serving. You could add sugar or cream depending on your taste. Relax, sip your coffee, and enjoy the view!


A weekend in the wilderness is a well-deserved break from our regular routines, but the idea of not having your preferred cup of coffee may seem like an impediment.

With the right tools and this guide on your side, we assure you that preparing coffee in the great outdoors can be as enjoyable as drinking it. Using a camping coffee percolator is simple and straightforward, and we hope this guide gives you the confidence to try it out on your next camping trip.

Remember to clean and store your percolator correctly; it’ll be your most cherished companion on your next camping adventure.

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