8 Stack On Gun Safe Review – (Buyers Guide)

Guns are bought for safety. We store firearms at home so that we can use them for self-defense. Butproperlykeeping these firearms is a must.

If you have children in your house, you need to try your best to keep the firearms away from their reach. Also, it’s crucial to store firearms properly because an intruder may use your defense against you.

Luckily, there are a lot of high-quality gun safes available in the market right now. However, most people’s go-to option is the offerings from Stack-On. Wondering what makes them so good?

Through our Stack On Gun Safe Review section, you will know exactly why. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

In a rush! check out the hotlist below for the Best Stack On Gun-Safe:

  1. Stack-on QAS-1304-12 Low Profile Quick Access Safe
  2. 2. Stack-On GCB-900 Steel Pistol/Ammo Cabinet
  3.  Stack-On SPAO-148-18 Safe Organizer 
  4. Stack-On GCB-18C Steel 18-Gun Cabinet
  5. Stack-On PS-1514 Personal Safe
  6. Stack-On GCB-910
  7. Stack-On 28-Gun Fire-Resistant Waterproof Safe
  8. Stack-On Tactical Security Cabinet
Stack On Gun Safe Review

A Little about Stack OnGun-Safe

Properly storing your guns is a must as a homeowner. A gun safe is a correct and safest way to keep your firearms protected. Well, Stack-On has been in the gun safe business for over 40 years now. And they know what level of protection should proper gun safes offer.

That said, Stack Offers a variety of gun safes that you can choose from. Most commonly, their offerings will be of high-quality metal or alloy steel. Such a construction makes the exterior stronger and more protective. And as you might know, the sturdier the body of the gun safe, the harder it is to break into it.

When it comes to lock types, they carry two main types: electronic locks and typical lock and keys. On many of their electronic lock systems, a protection system will alert you when the wrong passcode is entered more than three times.

Nonetheless, the main objective of Stack Ongun safes is to keep your firearms out of reach of burglars, intruders, and children. And they do excel in that. So, you will not have to worry about your precious firearms getting into the wrong hands if you get one of the proper ones.

Stack-On Gun Safe Review

Choosing just one gun safe can be difficult, given that the brand has an extensive lineup. Worry not; we have got you covered. Here are eight of the top gun safes that are being offered by Stack-On:

Stack-on QAS-1304-12 Low Profile Quick Access Safe with (Electronic Lock)

The first gun-safe on our Stack-On gun cabinet review comes with an electronic lock feature. You can add in any personalized code that can range from 3 to 8 digits.

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If needed, the keypad can also be silenced so that the people around you don’t get a hint about what numbers you are typing.

This gun-safe from Stack Onweighs only 12 lb. The dimensions are also relatively flat and small. You can easily hide this in your closet or bedroom without anyone knowing.

Because the safe is so small in size, you can move it around as you like.

Gun safes that way less than 120 kilos need to be bolted down. If you don’t want to use this gun-safe as a portable one, you can easily mount it with the accessories provided.

All kinds of hardware that you might need for a successful mounting have been included with the purchase.

The inside of the gun safe is quite spacious. It can hold ammo and a standard-sized pistol. The interior also has been lined with foam to keep all your valuables safe and in good condition. This way, the guns do not get any scratches.

Why You Should Get It?

Electronic safes are among the most secure kinds of gun safes in the market. They are impossible to break into. With the sturdy alloy steel construction, you get exterior protection as well; no need to worry about dents.

Because the unit weighs only 12 lbs, you can also use it as a portable safe if you don’t want to mount it.

What To Love?

  • The door opens in less than a second when the correct code is typed
  • Removal mounting brackets
  • Enough space to hold ammo and a standard sized pistol
  • It comes with a low battery warning
  • Security code can be 8 or 3 digits as per user preference

Keep In Mind

  • The exterior is prone to getting scratches and dents

Stack-On GCB-900 Steel Pistol/Ammo Cabinet

The security on this GCB-900 from Stack-On is pretty much unbreakable. Its locking mechanism is secured behind a steel door. It gives the locking mechanism extra protection.

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The safe is locked with a key code and a double-bitted lock to keep the guns protected.

This gun safe is made with alloy steel and will last you a very long time. Also, it’s tough to put a dent in this safe.

The unit comes with shelves that you can remove. Therefore, you can remove the shelf and store more guns or add the shelves and store a few guns and some ammo.

With all mounting hardware included with purchase, this cabinet can be set up on the wall or even on floors.

Why You Should Get It?

The break-proof alloy steel construction will keep all your ammo and guns safe. For added protection, the safe comes with a double-bitted lock.

Adjustable shelves allow you to customize the safe’s interior according to your needs.

What To Love?

  • Easy to assemble
  • Great deal for the price
  • Can be mounted to existing cabinets
  • Unbreakable exterior
  • The highly secure Locking mechanism

Keep In Mind

  • Not fireproof

Stack-On SPAO-148-18 Safe Organizer Reviews

The gun-safe itself comes in a very thin but long design. It enables the safe to store longer or larger size firearms.

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Besides that, you also get a velcro storage space that you can add to the unit. You can store small bits and pieces, accessories, or ammo here.

The mounting system of the product allows you to add it to the inside of a door. Therefore, to keep the safe discrete, you can mount it on the insides of your cabinet or closet.

Also, because the safe comes in a smaller size, it is very hard to identify it as a gun safe. With all accessories and hardware included with purchase, this is one of the easiest safes to mount on our Stack-On tactical gun-safe review.

To keep your guns protected and away from children and intruders, the safe comes with a 3-point locking system.

These locking systems are very hard to hack into or break.

Why You Should Get It?

The discreet and easy to mount gun-safe is very hard to spot. People who are looking for a gun safe that they can hide easily will love this model.

With that, the three-point key lock system keeps your ammo and guns safe from getting stolen or mishandled.

What to love?

  • Comes with Velcro attached organizer for storing ammo and accessories
  • Small but long storage to store large-sized guns
  • Tough to crack into the locking system
  • The exterior does not get dents
  • It can be mounted to the inside of a cabinet door

Keep In Mind

  • It might fall off when mounted on doors

Stack-On GCB-18C Steel 18-Gun Cabinet

This security cabinet from Stack Onis is very easy to move with, weighing only 75 lb. But this does mean that the safe has to be bolted down.

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This cabinet is not easy to break into; it has an alloy steel construction. Also, the cabinet will not allow the guns inside to rust.

Inside the cabinet, you will find one full-width shelf and four half-width shelves. All of the shelves are removable and also adjustable according to your preferences. The shelves come with foam padding to keep your guns in good shape.

Because this is a very lightweight gun safe, you have to mount it down to a wall or a shelf for sure. But don’t worry; all of the hardware you will need for this process is included with the purchase.

Why You Should Get It?

Available with a full-width shelf and four half-width shelves, storage space will never be a problem with this safe. You can adjust these shelves or remove them to store larger guns if needed.

All hardware is included with purchase to ensure smooth and fast mounting.

What To Love?

  • All mounting hardware included with purchase
  • Foam padding keeps guns in good shape
  • Lots of shelves available for storing ammo and other equipment
  • Durable steel welded construction
  • Can keep about 18 long guns without shelves

Keep In Mind

  • The drill holes on the safe don’t line up

Stack-On PS-1514 Personal Safe Reviews

There is a shelf inside this Stack-On ammo safe that you can remove if needed. Once removed, the space inside can hold up to seven handguns.

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For added security, the safe comes with 2 live-action steel locking bolts. There is also a concealed hinge that improves the security of the safe.

If someone tries to get into the safe and fails three times, the safe will automatically go into a timeout period.

The safe comes with pre-drilled holes. Fastening hardware is also included. If needed, you can mount this safe to the wall or the floor.

With alloy construction, it’s tough to put a dent on the exterior of this safe.

Why You Should Get It?

As the safe comes with pre-drilled holes, you don’t really have to do much when mounting the unit. The product comes with all mounting hardware included with purchase to make things even less complicated.

The electronic safe will automatically go into a timeout mode if the wrong security code is entered three times.

What To Love?

  • It comes with pre-drilled holes
  • Easy to put in the electronic lock
  • Fastening hardware included with purchase
  • Impossible to break into
  • Can hold 7 handguns

Keep In Mind

  • It opens if dropped on the floor

Stack-On GCB-910 Reviews

There is additional storage space on this gun safe that you can remove if needed.

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The storage space has been added in the back portion of the safe so that you can store your larger guns in the front.

Moreover, the safe comes in a very long but thin design. It has the ability to hold about 10 rifles that are 52 in tall. Therefore, space is not an issue with this safe.

The safe comes with foam padding to keep all your valuable guns and ammo safe from scratches.

This safe comes with a traditional lock and key system. There are three-point locking systems on the safe to provide additional safety.

But you need to keep in mind that these sorts of traditional lock and key systems are very easy to crack open.

Why You Should Get It?

This thin and tall gun-safe from Stack-On can hold up to 10 rifles that are 52 inches in height. That’s a lot of storage space!

Although the locking system is a traditional lock and key unit, it comes with a three-point locking system to keep things protected. The foam-padded insides, make sure the ammo or the guns don’t get any scratches.

What To Love?

  • Holds guns in place
  • Three-point locking system
  • Portable if needed
  • Can hold up to 10 rifles
  • It comes with additional removable storage

Keep In Mind

  • Lock and key safes are easy to break into

Stack-On 28-Gun Fire-Resistant Waterproof Safe

This model is one of the safest gun storage units on our Stack-On safe reviews.

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The exterior of the safe is built in a way to keep your firearms safe from fire damage. That is very important as you will be storing ammo in the safe.

Besides giving fire protection, the exterior will also provide the guns inside protection from water. By keeping moisture outside, the safe reduces the chances of the firearms rusting inside.

You can adjust the shelves according to your needs. The shelves can be added to the safe to store accessories and ammo and can also be removed to increase storage space. If needed, the safe handle can also be removed to increase storage space.

The locking system on this unit comes with a 3 point lock. It is incredibly tough to crack into the key-coated cylinder lock.

Why You Should Get It?

Don’t want the hassle of bolting down a gun safe? This is the perfect option! This gun-safe is impossible to pick up; it weighs 562 pounds.

The durable alloy steel exterior is thick and hard to break into. With that, the safe is also waterproof and fire-resistant.

What To Love?

  • Hard to dent alloy steel construction
  • Shelves can be adjusted to accommodate more guns
  • 562 pounds weight; might not need to be bolted down
  • Handles can be unscrewed to give you more space
  • Fireproof and waterproof

Keep In Mind

  • Not portable

8. Stack-On Tactical Security Cabinet Reviews.

The doors on this gun safe are very heavy. This means that it’s harder to break into the safe.

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Its locking system is also quite solid and hard to crack into. When you’re storing your guns inside the safe, you can rest assured that intruders won’t be able to get access to it.

Not everyone has a very high budget for buying their gun safes. If you don’t want to empty your wallet to buy a small stack-on gun-safe, you can easily invest in this model.

The insides of the safe come with the support that holds your gun in position. Therefore, even if the safe is shaken for some reason, the guns inside won’t move or clash together.

Although the safe looks small, the inside can fit at least 14 long barrel guns.

Why You Should Get It?

This very roomy gun-safe can hold about 14 long barrel guns. It comes with supports that keep the guns held in place, eliminating any chances of the guns colliding and getting scratched.

People who are on a budget will love this affordable option. Its heavy doors and solid locking system can protect your guns from getting stolen or mishandled.

What To Love?

  • Easy to put together
  • Heavy door but hold well on the wall
  • Available at an affordable price
  • Spacious enough to hold guns, ammo, and accessories
  • It opens in less than a second with the right key

Keep In Mind

  • No fire safety or water protection

5 Things To Look Before Buying The Best Stack-On Gun Safe

Things To Look Before Buying The Best Stack-On Gun Safe
Things To Look Before Buying The Best Stack-On Gun Safe

Most of the offerings from Stack-On are indeed worth the money. But the value proposition is not the same for all. Some will offer a high value, while others will not excel that much in that regard. That said, here are some of the features you need to look for in a gun safe to ensure a satisfactory purchase.

1. Dimensions

The safe you buy for your gun needs to be spacious enough to hold your firearms properly. So, before you pick an option from the lineup of Stack-On rifle safes, you need to check out the gun’s dimensions.

It should be able to hold the firearm properly without it clashing with the walls of the safe.

Some people also buy gun safes to accommodate a lot of guns in the same space. That means the dimensions of the gun safe that you buy will depend on how many firearms you want to store. It also depends on the model and type of firearm you plan to keep safe.

2. Safety

The main point of buying a stack-on gun-safe is to keep your firearms protected. It is a way to keep guns out of reach. Therefore, it’s vital for it to come with a proper locking system.

Some of the dated models of Stack-On will come with old-school locks and keys. These are not the ideal type of locks for a gun-safety box. Old school locks can be broken with a hammer within seconds.

We recommend getting safety boxes that come with passcodes or some other kind of modern technology locking system.

3. Portability

Some people like to move with their guns. If you are someone who travels with a firearm, you need to buy a portable firearm safety box.

Guns and ammo can be weighty on their own. That is why you need to invest in any safe that is lightweight and portable. Some safes of the Stack-On lineup will come with handles that allow you to move them easily. We would recommend picking them up if portability is your main priority.

In case you want a permanently installed gun safe, the unit does not have to be lightweight.

4. Accessibility

The locking system on your safe has to be protective but not too hard to access.

When you reach for your firearm in a moment of emergency, you need to be able to get a hold of it easily. If you know the passcode, you should be able to unlock the safe in seconds.

We don’t recommend investing in safes that come with a very complicated locking system, as they can be troublesome in a moment of a hurry.

5. Discreet

Gun-safe boxes should be very discreet. People shouldn’t be able to understand that the safe has a gun inside it.

You are protecting your firearms from your children or intruders. When the gun safe is easy to spot, it becomes easier for children and intruders to spot and break into the unit.

Therefore, gun safes should be very simple and unnoticeable. Only you should know that the safe has a gun inside it.

People Also Ask

1. How easily can you break into a gun safe?

That depends on the material of the gun safe that you are working with. Some gun safes can be very easy to break into, while some are impossible to put a bend on.

Depending on the locking system, you can either hack into the passcode system or break any physical locks on the safe.

Besides that, an intruder can also break into a gun safe by finding out its weak spot.

2. Is it safe to put a gun safe in the garage?

No, the garage is not the safest place to store a gun safe. Many people already store their gun safes in the garage, and a thief or intruder might already know about this.

You should only store a gun safe in the garage if no other options are left.

3. What kind of gun safes need to be bolted down?

Gun safes that weigh less than 150 kg need to be bolted down to a floor or storage space.

If the gun safe that you have bought weighs more than 150 kilos, you might be safe without bolting it down.

4. Why does a gun rust inside a safe?

There is a possibility that the guns inside will rust if the gun-safe does not allow air to pass through. It is because moisture might condense onto the steel frame and corrode.

5. Can a gun safe be made of wood?

It is not recommended to invest in wooden gun safes. Wooden gun safes are very easy to break. Dry wood also catches fire very easily. Overall, it is not a very wise option to store your guns inside a wooden gun safe.

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Closing Thoughts

If you want to keep your firearms safe and out of reach of children, you need to invest in a high-quality gun safe.

What better brand to go for than Stack-On? They have been in the gun-safe business for quite some time now. Most safe that they put out are made with quality and the most modern technology.

However, out of the options that we have suggested in our Stack-On gun safe review, the Stack-On QAS-1304-12 low-profile access safe is the top option for us.

This model comes with a very low profile and discrete design and is also very hard to hack. Electronic locking systems are much better than traditional key unlocking systems.

All of the hardware you need to install this safe has been included with the purchase. If needed, you can mount the unit onto a wall or even onto the floor.


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