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Where Do Bass Go in the Fall and Winter?



Where Do Bass Go in the Fall and Winter

Fishing during the summer months can be a great experience, with fish like bass lurking around every corner. However, when it comes to fall and winter, bass fishing can become more of a challenge. While it may seem tempting to pack up your gear and wait until spring arrives, that isn’t necessary. Bass don’t vanish during the colder months; they just move to different locations. Knowing where to look for them can make all the difference in your winter fishing success.

In this post, we will explore where bass go during the fall and winter and what techniques you can use to catch them.

Deep Waters

As the temperatures dip, bass will move to deeper and cooler waters, such as lakes, rivers, or reservoirs. When choosing a spot to fish, look for areas with plenty of depth to accommodate the changes in temperature. Use a fish finder to locate deep underwater structures, such as rocks and weeds, where bass may hide. Drop shot rigs or jigging will work best in deep waters; these techniques will allow you to present your bait close to the bottom where bass are likely to be hiding.

Slow Moving Water

In the fall, bass will also move to areas that have slow-moving water and little current, such as channels and backwaters. These areas are perfect for baitfish to thrive, and so bass will be actively hunting in these sheltered areas. These areas are an excellent location to use shallow running baits like spinnerbaits or jerkbaits. Bass will often use backwaters as a means of replenishing body fat for the winter months, so pay particular attention to these areas.

Sunny Spots

When the sun is shining, it’s an excellent indication of where to start your fishing. Surface water warms quickly in the sun, and bass will follow it. Look for areas that have shallow water with lots of sun exposure, such as bays or coves. The surface will warm up in these areas, creating a perfect environment for bass to feed. Try using topwater fishing lures such as poppers, buzzbaits, or jitterbugs to get the best results.

Underwater Structures

In the fall, bass will search for areas that offer cover and shelter from the colder temperatures. They will often hide in areas such as weed beds, stump fields, brush piles, or logjams. Cast your bait close to these structures, and use techniques such as flipping or pitching with a heavier bait to get your bait close to the structure. These techniques will allow you to cover a wide area and help you to locate any structures that are holding bass.


Bass fishing in the fall and winter months can be a challenge but with a bit of knowledge, you can be successful. The key is to know where to find bass during these colder times. Look for sheltered areas, deep waters, and surface sun exposure, and use the appropriate bait and techniques to get a bite.

By mastering all the techniques mentioned above, you will undoubtedly improve your skills in fishing for bass during the fall and winter months. Remember, fishing is a sport of patience and perseverance, so don’t give up easily.

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